Speechless? Jupiter Transits through the 3rd House

© Stanko Mravljak | Dreamstime.com
© Stanko Mravljak | Dreamstime.com

I know I should be having something interesting to say about 3rd house transits, but I don’t. The 3rd house is associated with Mercury stuff and regular readers know all about my Mercury. Maybe this is why I find the 3rd house and what it is associated with boring. Nothing interesting or mind blowing tends to happen to me when Jupiter moves through the 3rd. It is all routine stuff. I have no planets in the 3rd, and when Jupiter moves through the 3rd it really doesn’t set off many interesting aspects- perhaps a sextile or 3,  maybe a couple of trines and an opposition to Neptune- nothing really to get my heart racing. Anyway, the last twice Jupiter has gone through the 3rd I have put on weight… and that is never a good thing.

Needless to say, rather than being speechless and suffering from a rather nasty case of writers block, I should be more garrulous (I promised astro FB pal NR that I would  use that word- which is about as close a definition of Jupiter in the 3rd as you could get).

So, in order to make this slightly interesting for anyone who does have planets and chart points that are activated in a really interesting way by a third house transit of Jupiter, lets first look at what are 3rd house type of issues:

–          Communication, obviously…lots of it

–          Other Mercury related stuff like writing, speaking

–          Study, specifically early learning, school and the learning we have to do (as opposed to 9th house learning which is usually the higher learning we want to do to expand ourselves)

–          Brothers and sisters

–          Neighbours

–          Everyday routines and contacts

As I do most weeks for this series, I sat down with the trusty ephemeris in an attempt to work out just what was happening when Jupiter was last transiting the 3rd and I came to the rather dissatisfactory conclusion of not a whole lot. I was busy- learning a new job, learning all about new processes & procedures and relationships and politics and new routines. Having spent all my previous years in banking, IT was completely unfamiliar. I felt at times (actually most of the time) that I was out of my depth, out of control and struggled with the pressure of proving myself in a completely new field.

Rather than a leisurely 30 minute drive to Concord West to park the car and walk Sarah across to the day-care that the Bank provided on premises, I had the morning rush of being at Concord West exactly as the centre opened at 7am allowing myself 5 minutes to run to the railway station and share my morning commute with other squashed rail travellers into the city (and smelly ones on the way home). I would then cram a million things that I didn’t understand into my day, before doing a similar rush back to the station, all the while hoping and praying to the Gods of City Rail that the train would be on time and I would make it back to day-care in time to collect my bundle of joy . Then it would be home in time for arsenic hour (all Mums know the meaning of that one), baths, hunter gathering activities, bed and start again.

In between all of that, I was also completing a post graduate diploma in IT Project Management and attempting to get to the gym by 5am most work mornings (the only time that I had). Busy busy busy.

Nothing really exciting there- except perhaps the constant threat of a nervous breakdown and the slow unravelling of routines and fitness for stress and a growing need for a calming drink the minute I stepped inside the door.

Going back to mid 1988, it was a similar story. Out of my parents home for the first time I was adapting to life in Canberra. As part of the Bank’s Graduate Scheme I was changing jobs every couple of months. Within the space of 6 months I was expected to master back office operations, reporting, customer service/ teller duties and loan documentation. At each department I had to learn new processes, procedures, new pecking orders and new names and politics. Each department involved a change of routine.

In the middle of all of this my heart was broken very dramatically for the first time and I settled down to some serious comfort eating and drinking.

Hang on… all of this is Jupiter in the 3rd! Expansion of contacts, changes to routine, having to learn new things and busy busy busy.  Changes and expansion of the everyday.

Your experience of Jupiter through the 3rd is likely to be very different to mine, but you can expect:

–          Changes to your routine

–          Busy-ness in your routine

–          Opportunities to learn new tasks, or study

–          New neighbours or contacts

–          (hopefully) better relationships with your brothers or sisters

The amazing Robert hand also talks about a Jupiterian expansion in your thought patterns- how you see the world and also how you view previously self imposed limitations. As with all things Jupiter, the 3rd house transit asks you to look at 3rd house issues and ask where you are selling yourself short.

From his Planets in Transit, Hand writes:

…your attitude to the world will be much more generous, understanding and tolerant of other peoples’ differences. You are less likely to be influenced by prejudices. Instead you will want to know everything on the basis of your own experience.

As with all things Jupiter, confidence is great, but over-confidence can be arrogant. So, if you have writing or speaking or training to do, be confident, but don’t forget the preparation.

If Pisces is on your 3rd house cusp, you will be looking at a 3rd house transit of Jupiter this year. How is your communication? Is there any writing or study projects which you have been looking closely at? Is there opportunity for you to travel? Have you been viewing your world from a narrow focus? Have you found yourself becoming increasingly intolerant of what is happening around you? Have you outgrown some routines? Is life becoming a little predictable? Be careful what you wish for…