Sometimes Shit Just Happens

Billy Connolly

There is a scene in one of Billy Connolly’s videos (the wonderfully foul-mouthed Glaswegian Comedian & World Traveller) where Billy talks about the house he was born in falling down. As he tells it, 20-something Billy is staying across the road from the building he was born in. As he stands at the kitchen sink looking out, the building he was born in falls down. His 1st thought, being a hippy, is to look for the karmic meaning; and his 2nd thought, as an ambitious comedian was to say ‘Where are they going to put the plaque now the building is away?’

As astrologers we tend to look for the karmic meaning in many things- especially as newbie astrologers. A painful visit to the dentist? Must be transiting Saturn making a hard aspect to Mars. A car accident on the way home from work? A Mars/Uranus contact in the 3rd house. Put on weight? Progressed Moon must be moving through a water sign… or Taurus.

Yet before we knew anything about astrology, these events could be put down to:

  • Eating too much crap and forgetting to floss. And shit happens.
  • Loss of concentration, running late to get home, trying to construct the evening menu complete with shopping list in head. And shit happens.
  • Eating too much, drinking too much, not exercising enough. And shit happens.

A couple of weeks ago as I was getting ready to go to work, a teeny muscle with a technical name (that I can never remember… sub something or other) behind my shoulder tore and I collapsed in a world of pain. Apparently this technically named little muscle is responsible for allowing you to move your arm forwards & backwards. As it was my left arm, this meant I couldn’t drive, getting dressed required amazing dexterity from my right arm & my boxing days are gone for good.

Now this next bit is embarrassing & quite revealing as to the depths of personal pain I will go through in the name of research, but… Once the painkillers kicked in, I checked out Solarfire to see which of the usual suspects could be responsible for bringing me down so low- and what karmic lessons have I been hiding from.

Due to the sudden nature of the injury I would look to Uranus. In the 1st house conjunct natal Chiron & opposing transiting Saturn he was a good target. But this is the point at which I have to make a confession.

I actually hurt this muscle 18 months ago, was advised not to box, decided I didn’t like that diagnosis, so just stopped exercising in the hope that it would get better without the hassle, expense & inconvenience of treatment. Eight kilos weight gain ensued, but the shoulder seemed OK. Flash forward to April this year & a new attempt at boxing (hey, Aries on the 2nd house- I need it for anger management J). Sure enough, I hurt it again. This time, I was very responsible and took myself off to my chiropractor for some very painful massage, acupuncture (not so painful) & adjustment work. Another couple of kilos crept on, but after a few weeks I figured the shoulder was as good as it was going to get and I couldn’t afford to put on any more weight, so back to the gloves I went, declaring to my trainer that I was now ready to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Famous last words.

So, in effect, this was a chronic (Saturn) unhealed (Chiron) injury, that suddenly (Uranus) tore.

Saturn is natally in my 1st house (in the 1st degree of Aries, and yes, being squared by Pluto), so body stuff is a Saturn thing for me. Transiting Saturn had just separated from an opposition with my natal Sun, a conjunction with natal Uranus, and was now, as I mentioned earlier opposing natal Chiron & applying to oppose my Pisces Moon.

So, lots of big karmic stuff happening:

  • Tr Pluto square Saturn
  • Tr Saturn conjunct Uranus (sep)
  • Tr Saturn opposing Sun (sep)
  • Tr Saturn opposing Chiron
  • Tr Saturn opposing Moon (applying)
  • Tr Uranus conjunct Chiron
  • Progressed Moon 8th house

The injury was made worse by the fact that I had put on as much weight as I had. The habits and structures in my life are hurting me. I carry emotional crap on my shoulders, so perhaps this injury was a wake- up call for me to look at what is hurting me, what is stopping me from moving forward and what emotional ties and relationships may be weighing me down.

(Pic courtesy of
(Pic courtesy of

Obviously the weight gain is one thing, but the reasons behind that gain are important. My boxing days are over, so I need to find a less violent way of managing my stress. A male friend pointed out that I should just strap the “girls” to my chest so they won’t knock me out & hit the treadmill. Lap swimming (black-lining, as I call it) is something I have historically done when I have been at my healthiest, but has always come so easily to me that I overlook it as being real stress relief or real exercise. But, as an astro pal said, I wasn’t born with this much water for nothing!  Note the emphasis on real? That is Saturn. The transformative stuff is Pluto, and the unhealed emotional crap is Chiron & the Moon, which are conjunct natally.

Karmic lesson, or shit happening? Sometimes it just does.