Something about a swimmer, the Olympics and the tricks Mercury plays

James Magnussen after his relay swim

This Olympics, so far, has been surprising not so much because of who has won, but more for who has not.

Mercury, the Trickster, has absolutely been having a laugh.

There have been errors in the commentary, errors in flags, errors in spelling and that’s before even a single ball was kicked and before any oar or swimmer hit the water.

And the results have been surprising.

Now, I’m an Aussie, so, please don’t take this personally, but I’ve been most interested in the results of Aussies- especially those of Aussies who expected to win, but surprisingly didn’t.

We have also seen (mostly younger) swimmers breaking down with disappointment at unexpected results or, tellingly, at receiving silver rather than gold.

Whenever we see issues with communication or data that is not expected the finger is usually pointed at Mercury- especially when Mercury is retrograde.

Before I even look at any charts, let me just say how incredibly proud these guys should be of their efforts on the world stage.

James Magnussen was beaten by just 0.01sec last night in the 100m freestyle. This result was unexpected- as was his slower than normal swim the other night in the relay. Both Magnussen and the Australian media have been talking Magnussen up over the last few months. And so they should. He is an immensely talented man…and the 100m is almost as much about confidence as it is about speed. There isn’t a lot of time to play strategy.

I’ve posted his chart below. Note there is no known birth time, so I have cast the chart at 12pm.

Magnussen has both the Sun and Mercury in go for it Aries. He is willful, he is competitive, and he’s going to say it like it is- and has done so.

With a Pisces Moon, the sky really is the limit for Magnussen- there are no boundaries to what he can achieve. In fact, when he said he would win, it probably did not occur to him that he mightn’t. And the more he says it, the more he will believe it. Illusion becomes reality. Such is the power of the Pisces Moon.

His Moon is, however, behind his Sun- I would take a stab that he feels more insecure than what he would dare allow his competitors to see…not that there’s anything wrong with that. You know what? I would far prefer to see a show of confidence going into something like the Olympics than a show of modesty. He’s worked hard enough to get there. For some reason though, us Aussies tend to resent confidence- perhaps we fear it.

That Moon is receiving a transit by Neptune. And whenever transits are made by Neptune, illusions are dissolved. Reality destroys illusion. In this case Magnussens’ emotional security has been shattered.

Further, Magnussnen’s Sun/Mercury are being given a very stern lecture by Saturn about growing up and getting real. And we all know what a hard task-master he can be.

And finally this morning. Retrograde Mercury joined Jupiter in Leo. All that big talk was turned around. Unexpectedly. He went into that race as the favourite.

All athletes have a hard road to the Olympics. Swimmers, in particular, have hours and hours of black line time in their own head- usually at a time of the day when others are still tucked up in their doonas.

Magnussens’ Pisces Moon will probably want to withdraw, and his Cancer Mars may retreat back into his shell for a bit, but his Aries Sun will re-group and fight on. As it should. He is that good…and he deserves our praise, pride and faith.

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  1. That look on his face is pure puzzlement – “WTF….how did I not win??” As an Mars in Aries girl – I love it!

    1. I know! I just love him…actually have huge respect for all of them. My heart goes out to them with such a public disappointment…

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