Something with a lot of long sentences…and the weekend lunar forecast…

Australia Day, January 26, Laminton cakes with stars and an Australian flag against a red and blue background.

Your Weekend

Moon in Scorpio

Moon into Sagittarius

So, I’m trying something new…being offline a little more.

This week, in order to get some meaningful work done- even with Miss 15 still home on school holidays, the pool filter having had the carrot and multiple visits from the pool man (yes, I know what you’re thinking, but sadly you’d be wrong), my mother’s birthday and all the other millions of domestic dramas that happen during school holidays- I attempted valiantly not to touch my facebook or twitter pages between 9-5.  Yes, that is possibly the longest sentence on record, and yes, I did fail…sort of.

Anyways, going forward, that’s my goal- to check in on the astro Facebook page in the mornings and evenings, and not on a weekend. You see, that’s the biggest challenge when you work for yourself- the blurring that happens between home and work and work hours and…you get the idea.

So, without further ado, your weekend astro weather forecast…

Today the Moon is still in Scorpio, so the background of intensity will be with us for a day or so yet.

Building is a square between Mercury and Saturn. Given that I have some fiction writing planned for my downtime this long weekend, I’m hoping that won’t manifest literally in a writers block!

What does it mean? Saturn tends to be a heavy influence and, especially in the difficult aspects, brings with it connotations of negativity and gloom. Add it to Mercury, and what you have some serious thinking. You may also have a dose of the “nothing is right, everything is wrong, so I don’t know why I bother”s. It’s tough to think positively or see silver linings and rainbows with this hanging around.

As long as you don’t get hung up on it for more than a day or so, or hang onto the criticism (perceived or real) and pessimism, being able to see imperfections or faults is not necessarily a bad thing. Just don’t assume that it’s the whole picture.

Be careful in discussions of the deep and meaningful kind, as they’re likely to stray into areas that you might later wish you hadn’t strayed into. You know the arguments I’m talking about? Where she says, “I wish you’d communicate more”, and he says, “nothing I do can make you happy”, and she says, “I’m just talking about taking two seconds to send a text”, and he says, “I can’t say anything to you any more.”

Probably best not to go there in the first place.

Anyways, if you find yourself thinking grey and drab thoughts, take a minute to consciously think about what is good in your life, what you’re grateful for, and what you have to look forward to.

For those of us here in Australia, it’s Australia Day tomorrow, so that means a long weekend. Now, I know that it celebrates a day that is painful for a large degree of our population. I get that. I also know that in certain parts of society, it’s celebrated in way that is distinctly un- Australian…whatever that means. I get that too. For all of the political considerations (and yes, I have a view on them all), it is, however, an important day in our calendar, and one in which we can celebrate what being Australian means to us- in our own way.

By the time the snags or the lamb chops are on the Barbie tomorrow, the Moon will be in Sagittarius- the perfect lunar energy to celebrate diversity, multiculturalism, and the many possibilities, opportunities, and great fortune we have. And yes, before you write to me, as I said, I’m seriously aware of the political considerations, and please don’t make me get my soapbox out.

Anyways, given that the first aspect the Moon makes in Sagittarius is to Neptune, keep an eye on the esky…and its contents, ie watch the alcohol.

Moon- Neptune contacts, even the challenging ones, are perfect times to let your fantasies soar, to dream dreams that right now may be completely illusory. If possible, find yourself a creative outlet for this…you’re limited only by your imagination.

Don’t forget to jump across to Moon Magic for more tips of what to do (and leave for another day) under the Scorpio and Sagittarius Moon…

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