Something more about deep diving…

Immersion. Woman in Deep  Blue Sea. Fantasy

Tuesday 31 May, 2016

Moon in Pisces

Moon into Aries

Mercury trine Pluto

I’m having a moment of déjà vu. You see, it seems like only yesterday that I wrote something about Mercury trine Pluto.

It wasn’t just yesterday, but as I’m writing this post in the past for scheduling in the future, it could very well have been just yesterday.

What I wrote back then was about how you could use the energy to explore your own inner thoughts- the deep, scary ones that you hide away. In work speak, we’d call it a deep dive. Who knows what you’ll find down there…

I might have said something about how it’s good to sit with these thoughts on your own- that they’re the sort of thoughts that you don’t really want to be distracted from.

In that post I said that although you might feel as though you’ve been through it all before, by going there again you could get a better insight into yourself and that if you didn’t get it, you’d have another opportunity at the end of May.

The end of May is today.

Besides, it’s a great opportunity to use this pic again- which I love.