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Venus in Capricorn

Venus/Saturn aspects

Venus is about to move into Capricorn where she will stay for much longer than her usual month or so. In fact, she’ll be here until March 2014.

Venus is never more than two signs away from the Sun, so for her to be all the way out here in Capricorn, with the Sun back in Scorpio, it can only mean one thing- she’s slowing down and preparing to turn retrograde. We’re still a way from this happening, and obviously I’ll pop something up about Venus retrograde closer to the time, but for now be aware that it’s coming up.

I’ve written about Venus in Capricorn before- so, given the efficiency of Earth signs, I’ll just pop the link in here, so you can duck over if you’re interested.

Instead I thought I’d use this space to talk about Saturn and Venus- appropriate given that Venus is in a Saturn ruled sign.

I hear a lot from people who have Venus either conjunct or in difficult aspect to Saturn- ie the square or opposition. I also hear a lot from people who have Saturn in the 7th house. What each of these has in common is a belief that it is this aspect of placement that is causing them to have difficulty being in and staying in relationship.

I know of many people in good, loving relationships with this aspect, but sadly, I don’t hear from them often enough in this forum.

It’s the same as my 7th house Uranus, it’s opposition to my Sun and Moon, and it’s inconjunct to Venus- the most common questions I’m asked by fellow astrologers is:

  • I suppose you’ve never married, or
  • how many times have you been married?

Like the textbooks say, I have issues with commitment. I’ve been able to incorporate those Uranian tendencies, somehow, into long term relationship.

The thing with astrology is there is black and white, and shades of grey- and so many possibilities in between…and exceptions to every rule. Largely though, those exceptions are because the person making the exception, has somehow managed to work the aspects to their own advantage- usually because there is something else happening in the chart that helps reconcile this aspect. My point is, you may be the exception- you may be the rule, you may be somewhere in between.

So, here’s the deal.

Saturn-Venus aspects are difficult. Saturn is cold and dry in nature- binding and aging. Venus is warm and moist- soft and relaxing. Venus wants to feel good, Saturn wants to feel responsible and safe- very often these motivations clash. Venus can be (ahem) lazy, and Saturn is not. Saturn can also (ahem) be afraid.

When you have Venus in aspect to Saturn, relationships can be difficult- but not impossible. Essentially, in order to express affection and love freely, you must feel secure and stable.

This means that you take love and relationships seriously- or you tend towards relationships with people who have these characteristics. What makes you feel good* is shared effort, commitment and joint responsibilities. With the trine and the sextile, the flow of this energy is relatively easy…with the square and opposition it’s not.

The thing is, the first part of falling in love is the 5th house stuff- the fun, the taking a risk, the play. If you have Venus conjunct, square or in opposition to Saturn, it’s tough for you to enjoy this part. You don’t want to take a leap unless there is a guarantee of some description- and love rarely comes with a guarantee…

Sometimes with this aspect, you fight against that which makes you feel comfortable. You crave a mature relationship, yet, especially with the square and opposition, you find yourself drawn to those who can’t provide you with that. It’s a little like craving bread when you know the yeast will blow your tummy up.

It might be that you continually date partners who are unable or unwilling to commit. Perhaps they are too young or committed elsewhere. It could be that you are the one who is delaying commitment, waiting for the right time, or the right signals. Perhaps fear of the unknown, or failure, or a broken heart, or what someone else might think is preventing you from taking that step.

The good news is, you can overcome it. That will, however, require risk and a little more faith than Saturn is usually comfortable with. Look for help from any planet sextile or trine either Venus or Saturn.

Being successful in relationships will require you knowing yourself, and what you need from a partner. It requires honesty and reality. It also means looking at expectations with a mature eye. Wherever Saturn is, is where you feel that you’re not good enough- and this matters because it’s a part of life that, well, matters. Resolve this and you’re halfway there. Sound easy? Of course it isn’t.

Having these aspects, or Saturn in the 7th, might mean that you commence a relationship with an older person, or someone with Capricornian tendencies such as maturity, responsibility and ambition, but it can also mean something as simple as you confronting your attitudes to what relationship is and making sure that they are real. Only you can answer that.

* with thanks to Stephen Arroyo in his Chart Interpretation Handbook.