Something about writing one of *those* scenes


So anyways, it’s 5.30am, and I’m sitting up in bed trying to write a sex scene for my novel. As you do. Before work. As you do. Before breakfast even.

You see, I’ve recently got the structural edit back from my editor, so I’m working through making the changes. As an aside, if you ever decide to self publish, the investment in a good editor is a must. But I digress.

Back to my sex scene… Don’t worry, this is a g rated post.

She’d written this comment in the margin:

This is such a significant moment for Em, and you’ve been building to this scene over several chapters — I don’t think you can skip over it like this. 

Hmmmm. Skip over it was exactly what I’d been planning to do.

It’s not that I’m scared of writing a decent squelchy scene- they can be fun to write- it’s just that…ok, yes, I was being lazy.

I tried drafting it at lunchtime the other day, but how do you concentrate on who’s bits are going where when there are packed IKEA trolleys and prams laden with Christmas shopping and screaming children bumping into the table?

Besides, the Moon was in Cancer, and while that could be great energy for writing a marriage scene, or an emotion packed string at home eating chocolate listening to Celine Dion scene, or a home renovation scene or a scene involving a packed IKEA trolley and a screaming child, it’s not at all conducive to a hook-up scene with no happily ever after.

I tried again yesterday morning, but I’d been lying awake since just after 3am worrying about something that doesn’t deserve my worry and nursing the edges of a slight hangover.

This morning the Moon is in Leo and approaching a conjunction with Jupiter. Creatively, this could be perfect energy. It would certainly be a dramatic, demonstrative and over the top performance. Leo, though, is generous and respectful, and the aftermath of this scene is anything but. Having said that, it could be great energy for fixing up the following scene- where my heroine’s pride has been seriously dented.

By tomorrow, the Moon will be in Virgo. I intend to make the most of this weekends lunar energy by attending to the little details in the edit, the fiddly changes…but a sex scene? I guess technically it could be perfect…

Maybe I could leave it until the Moon is in Libra? But, then again, I can’t decide.

The energy would be absolutely perfect come the middle of next week when the Moon is in Scorpio. Especially since this is something my heroine has been obsessing about for a while, it’s forbidden fruit, a little bit secret and a turning point in the book…

There…decision made. I’ll use this Moon-Jupiter drama somewhere it will be more appreciated. With Mercury in Sagittarius linking in, I reckon there are a couple of scenes that can be expanded beyond their current boundaries.

If you’re interested in following my self-publishing journey, my alter ego- Tracey Hamill- is blogging it. The link is here. It has absolutely nothing, well almost nothing, to do with astrology.