Daily Planets

Something about words as weapons…


How was yesterdays eclipse for you?

Todays energy is different, very different, yet also sort of the same.

Today is a bit about some verbal argey-bargey as Mercury and Mars face-off.  It could be a little like:

Does my bum look fat in these jeans?


I knew you never loved me.

Or even:

What do you think of my work on that project?

It was crap. Next time try giving some thought to what the client has asked for.

So do you want me to resign?

Yep, it could be baby and bathwater time, or, as my mother used to say, “pick your nose off to spite your face”, or as I say all too often “so why don’t you take your bat and ball home?”

The thing is, this aspect is one where you feel like saying exactly what is on your mind- to anyone, at any time. Even if what you have to say is hurtful, or isn’t appropriate, or is unwelcome.

The other thing is, with the Moon in Scorpio, what is likely to come out is something that is deep felt and has been buried for a long time- and things that have been buried for too long tend to smell a bit rank.

Given that Scorpio is involved, those words that you so carelessly toss about will have the precision and impact of an ice-pick.

My advice? Employ a little caution before speaking. More advice? Don’t ask for feedback unless you’re absolutely sure that you can cope with it. And some more? Don’t offer advice or feedback unless you’ve been asked for it- and even then, refer back to rule 1.

If you’re on the receiving end? Before you retaliate, check in on whether you’ve been sending out some subconsciously hostile signals, or whether you’ve asked for the feedback that you’ve just received.

On brighter news, I’m off to see Jonathon Cainer tonight. If any of you are at his Sydney show tonight, I’d love to meet up with you.