Something about when stars collide…


Ok, where to start?

Facebook followers will have noticed that I’ve been super quiet.

I have these posts that automatically pop across, but other than that I’m on a mini self-imposed digi break. Actually, it’s a Facebook specific mini break. So, if you’re messaging me or inboxing me or posting me or whatever that’s called, apologies- I’m simply not seeing it.

I came this close to shutting down Facebook the other day. Completely. No reason, it’s just a stage I’m going through that I will, no doubt, get over once I have some breathing space.

Instead I turned off notifications from my phone, removed the messenger app, and made it as difficult as possible to duck in for a look during the day (I have a self-imposed rule about using the work laptop for social media).

Since Saturn and Uranus have begun to move again (albeit slowly) my mood has definitely lifted, although the feelings of restlessness and crowding have not. As I said, I’ll get over it.

I intend treating myself with a day to myself tomorrow- so I’m sure that will go a long way to helping.

To the stars.

Today is an interesting one. We’ll start with the big stuff first.

Sun conjunct Jupiter.

I like this one. It’s a little like when two stars collide- the theory being that Jupiter was pretty close to being a star himself. Of course this could also be the clash of the divas and egos. It could be too too much, but I’m preferring to see it as the potential for at the very least a good hair day, a good spirits day, a day where creativity and self expression should run high. An over the top day…I could go on.

Of course things aren’t all plain sailing. In the background is the monthly face-off between the Moon and Pluto, and a square off between Mercury and Uranus.

When it comes to square aspects, the tension and friction are full of potential that can go either of two ways- and I don’t think I need to spell out which of those two ways it could be. In this case, bright ideas could be met with resistance of the past, ingrained habits, the way it used to be, the memories of a simpler time- back when everything was protected and good.

That’s fine, but keep some perspective about it. Cancer Mercury Memories are often tinged with sepia because it’s more convenient and comfortable to do so. With Saturn trine Mercury, you’ll be able to get to the truth of the matter, and who knows, the Sun and Jupiter could just give you the confidence to express (or at least fake the confidence to express) a different point of view.

Just remember, doing the same thing over and over again, thinking the same way over and over again will bring the same result. That’s great if you want the same result- not so if you want to see a different result and a different future.

Anyways it’s off to do the hi ho hi ho thing for me. Have yourselves a great Friday.