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Something about what I wrote on Facebook

Last nights sunset- at Tanah Lot…& a beer
Last nights sunset- at Tanah Lot…& a beer

So anyways, I’m on holiday with my hubby, so haven’t been posting much here. I have, however, been ducking in and out of the Facebook page whenever (sometimes) dodgy wifi allows, so if you follow Jo Tracey Astrology on Facebook, you should have been able to keep up.

Yesterday I wrote this:

Ok, so Venus is still conjunct Uranus, still square Pluto & about to square Jupiter. I’m thinking impulses, I’m thinking cravings & I’m thinking indulgence. I’m also thinking words like unexpected, phrases involving the words burst & of. With the Moon still in Sadge, I’ll add in the word possibility, & the phrase ‘how hard can it be?’ I’ll leave if to you to organize the words & phrases to fit your weekend…

Today the story is much the same with the exception that the Moon is in Capricorn.

This often brings a seriousness, an air of practicality, sometimes a touch of melancholy to whatever is currently on your table. It’s also a reminder that very often the best things in life are those that we have to strive for- rather than those that fall into our laps.

It can also be a time where we spend too much time in comparing our results with those of others, or dwelling on the whole thing about information being power, or how the old ways are always the best. On the extremely up side, if you tune into it, the Capricorn Moon can be a time where you can realistically look at how you’re going, what you need to do, and make plans- real plans- about how you’re going to get there.

Here’s what I wrote about it this morning;

It could be a little like a stern parent reminding you of your responsibilities, it could be a little like being dragged back into the past & into the way things have always been done, it could be a little like when Mr Defeatist comes knocking on your door to remind you of the futility of looking forward, dreaming to big, daring to step outside your circle of comfort & conformity. Or it could be a reminder of just what needs to be done to do just that. To a reasonable extent, what you see, half full, half empty, or the possibility of more, is your perspective.

Then I attached this pic…


And this one.


As for me? We enjoyed a scrummy grilled seafood meal on a clifftop overlooking Tanah Lot last night, and at the moment I’m hoping that the rumbling in my tummy is the result of hunger rather than the after effects of way too much (but oh so more-ish) sambal and beer.

With that piece of too much information, I’m off to do this.