Something about ways forward and ways back…


Thursday 23 January

Moon in Libra

Just like yesterday only different?

The Moon is in Libra again today- just like yesterday. But unlike yesterday, there are no challenging aspects popping up along the way.

That doesn’t mean the day will be perfect- far from it- the world is too full of people all having their personal charts impacted by a transit here and a transit there…but the prevailing emotional forecast is one of fine weather.

La Luna is within skyping distance of Mercury. Very soon after she’ll be snuggling up against Mars. The Moon does this- takes the light or the energy from one contact and brings it to the next. If we’re being technical about it, it’s referred to as translation of light…but we don’t get hung up on technicalities here.

Libra, as we know, likes to instigate relationships- put people together with other people. Today, as she translates the light from Mercury to Mars, she’s putting ideas together with people, and vice versa, and giving them a little traction. So if you’ve got ideas, things to talk about, don’t be surprised if today you find yourself talking to someone who might just be able to help you.

As Mercury links up with Mars tomorrow, this traction will gain more air time- and yes, I’m aware I’m mixing my metaphors.

In any case, as always, it’s up to you what you do with it.

We don’t talk a whole lot about the nodes here- but every so often they jump out and yell at me…so to speak. Today is one of those days.

What are they? The nodes of the Moon are the points where the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic- the apparent path of the Sun. The North Node is the point where the Moon climbs above the ecliptic, the South Node is the point where it sinks below it.

The nodes move backwards, spend around 18 months in each sign and travel the zodiac in 19 years.

Anyways, traditionally they’re associated with karmic points:

  • The North Node indicates the path to fulfilment by highlighting the positive (but usually difficult) choices that should be made. It used to be known as the Point of Jupiter, so is associated with expansion, personal growth and awareness. I like to say that it indicates our karmic raison d’etre…why we’re here…the direction we should be taking. It’s a little like looking forward.
  • The South Node represents the easy way out- the path of least resistance, the comfortable (and not so comfortable) habits that don’t benefit us, but are easy and oh so seductive to fall back into…like chocolate. It used to be known as the Point of Saturn, so is associated with restriction- ie we can continue on that path, but it won’t get us anywhere new. It’s a little like looking back.

Anytime you receive a (big) transit to the nodes (ie from an outer planet) or from the nodes, is a point where the crossroads are being cosmically lit- like a great big cosmic key or portal. This way- the way with rocks and hurdles and obstacles and unknowns and fears, but the promise of discovery and awareness; or that way, with known outcomes, a comfy lounge, and same old.

Many times we unconsciously take the South Node- it’s what we’re programmed to do. It’s easier to look back- hindsight is wonderful and the outcome is known.

Now, as the nodes are about to change signs, they’re squaring the Sun. The magic degree here is 2.

While the nodes have been in Scorpio (north), Taurus (south), the themes have been about what you hold onto and what you let go of- metaphorically speaking. When the nodes move into Libra and Aries, it will look very different…more on that later.

Anyways, back to Sun  square the nodes. Fixed signs are involved, so change will be more uncomfortable. The ego is involved, so change will be more uncomfortable.

I’ll leave you with that thought…