Something about Venus in Cancer and Jamie Oliver…

chart cast from info available on the internet. Jamie was born in a town named Clavering- unfortunately this isn’t on astrogold, so I have cast the chart to the nearest town.

I asked the following question on my Facebook Blog page today:

So, Venus is about to move into Cancer & I have 2 questions for you: Do you like to cook? What types of food do you like to cook?

The response has been incredible- a great conversation.

Cancer rules the belly, so we often associate food and a full belly with Cancer. As with all things Astro, it isn’t that straight forward- life rarely is.

With Venus in Cancer you might love to feed other people, but tend not to bother when it is just you. You may nourish others emotionally, but deny yourself that pleasure. My neighbour (who has this placement) always has a full freezer, full cupboards and full tupperwares. Yet when her family is away she loses weight- she hates eating alone and definitely won’t cook for herself.

The 2nd, 5th and 6th houses also have a lot to do with what we eat, how we eat, and how creatively we eat….but that is a subject for another blog entirely!

Anyways, one thing that did come out in the conversation were some comments about Jamie Oliver. Love him or hate him (and I am firmly in the hero worship category). I just love what he stands for- the whole back to basics, simple ingredients cooked well, food for health type of message. I love that he does it from the heart and I love how he has put his money literally where his mouth is.

Incidentally, his mouth is in Gemini (as is his Sun) and linking to Jupiter. That message has been prolific indeed…just check out his space at your book-sellers…hell, check out the space his books take up on my bookshelf! More importantly for the purposes of this post, his Venus is in Cancer conjunct Saturn. Hello, how beautifully textbook is that? This is someone who loves to feed other people, but also to teach lessons to other people about nutrition.

I don’t have an accurate birth time for the chart (have cast it at 12pm), so can’t see what sign his Midheaven is in. The Moon in Capricorn indicates a love of business and Jamie has certainly built an empire. The Moon is also the apex of a t-square involving Mars (in Aries) and Pluto. Incredible potential to influence and transform.

Naturally there is a lot more to his chart than this (and plenty of other interpretations), but the Venus in Cancer thing caught my eye. Just saying…

What about you? Do you cook? If so, what? Why not jump over to the Facebook page to join in the conversation…