Daily Planets

Something about Valentine’s Day…


Friday 14 February

Moon in Leo

So, it’s Valentine’s Day… I wrote a little about my attitude to it over on and anyways, but before you all cover your mouths with shock and say something like “OMG, she’s a triple Pisces and she’s not romantic…” bear in mind that it’s the brouhaha not the sentiment that I get all cynical over. Besides, my Venus in Aries likes a little walk in my talk- if you get my drift.

Having said that, with the Moon in Leo, and very close to being full, if ever there was a time for grand, romantic gestures, well…

The presence of Saturn in the mix, square the Moon, is a reminder of the serious side to love, the commitments we make, the responsibilities we take on. This Valentine’s, especially if you’ve been in your relationship for long enough for business as usual and bin night to creep into the mix, take the time and make the effort to reflect on what brought you together in the first place.

And what to get for your partner?

Obviously there’s the usual, but if you’re after something a little more personal, take a look at the Moon and Venus sign of your lover.

The Moon sign will tell you what makes him feel nurtured and safe, while the Venus sign will tell you what makes her feel good and attractive.

It doesn’t need to be much, or a big effort. We don’t exchange cards or gifts- and never have done. But we do make the effort to put some meaning into the day. As an example, my hubby likes to chat in the mornings and I don’t. His Moon is in Gemini, so talking through things before he goes to work is something he likes to do. I, however, use this time of the morning to get my blogs done before I start work and tend to nod my head in the right places instead of actually engaging in conversation. This morning, I chatted with him instead. Sure, it’s a little thing, but you get the idea.

And if you’re single and don’t want to be?

As difficult as it maybe to get through today, practice a little self love. Look at your Moon and Venus sign and ask yourself where those needs are not being met. Perhaps there’s something you can do for yourself? A little self-indulgence and self-nurturing can be a good thing.

Back later with a Full Moon post.