Something about using your words


Friday 3 January

Moon in Aquarius

Sun square Mars

Mercury opposite Jupiter

Feeling a tad out of balance?

Something just a little out of reach?

Tempted to pick a fight- just to see what happens?

This is what happens when the ego squares off against that thing we called desire. We feel thwarted, as if someone is keeping the toy from us. What do we do about it? We take the energy and we use it wisely.

If you’re at a crossroad where action is required, take it. If you’re at a point where action is frustrated, pull on the trainers and move through it.

Think seriously, though, about whether that frustration has been a result of not letting anyone know what it is that you’re after…and before you look at me like that, this is something that Capricorn has been known to do- especially when ambitions are involved.

There can be this assumption that you’ve worked long and hard, so surely the powers that be have noticed? In truth, they probably haven’t- noticed, that is. Not because you haven’t worked long and hard, but because they have other things to do, and because others may have whispered in their ear about what it is that they want- and you haven’t.

A number of years ago, in the partition job, someone who was generally half empty, was even more negative than usual. You know the type- he was a walking textbook example of the Capricorn shadow. And before you write to me, note I said the Capricorn shadow– every sign has one.

Anyways, finally, he came clean with what was wrong. He’d been passed over for a job he wanted. I’d got it, so naturally his anger was directed at me- someone who didn’t have his knowledge and experience, someone who had been in the company “only five minutes” and someone who was looking to make changes to the way things had always been done. He was right on all counts. The difference was, I wanted the job, so I asked for it.

‘I didn’t know that you applied,’ I said.

‘I didn’t,’ he replied. ‘I was waiting for them to come to me and ask me to apply.’

Many years later I told my boss of our conversation.

‘Really?’ he said. ‘When he didn’t apply, I assumed he wasn’t interested.’

‘He was waiting for you to ask.’

‘Like I have time to do that. If he wanted to be considered, he should have said something.’ My boss at the time was a Sadge. He didn’t do guessing games, he just did. “Fine” meant just that…fine.

My colleague said that he wanted that job, but he didn’t want it enough to ask for it. Nor was he prepared to work with the past to create the future.

Sure this is an extreme example, but, before you lash out, have a think about where your frustration is really coming from.

Mercury is in Capricorn, so right now, facts, goals and ambitions might be front of mind. But what about what you know, what you want, in your heart? What about those big dreams that you can’t put enough logic behind in order to have faith in? What about if you don’t really need logic in order to have faith?

What if you expressed your big dreams, that big idea, that big hairy arsed, audacious goal? What if you flipped your thinking and took the opportunity, found the confidence and just, well, expressed it?

Sometimes the frustration is in the not knowing.

When our kids are little and they have a tantrum, or do the things that kids do when they’re little and frustrated, we calm them and we tell them to use their words. Perhaps it’s advice we could give ourselves from time to time.

The thing is, this frustration exists as part of a test- how much do we really want that which we say we want? Enough to ask for it? Enough to work for it? Enough to think outside the box for a future driven solution that may just get you there? That’s where the Moon in Aquarius can help.

I’ll leave you with that.