Something about using your re words….

The star sign Virgo written on a blackboard.

Wednesday 30 October

Moon in Virgo

As I write, Mercury and Saturn are about to join up. This is the 2nd of 3 meetings this cycle. Being Saturn it will involve a commitment. Your word is your bond…or something like that. Words mean Something- with a capital letter.

Being the retrograde the retrograde or 2nd pass, this one isn’t so much about making a promise, but rather reviewing that. By that I don’t mean that you’ll break a promise that you’ve made to someone or even that you’ll have someone break a promise that’s been made to you. What I mean is that there’s an opportunity now to reconsider, review and refine it- and that’s not necessarily a Bad Thing.

Naturally though, the nature of this transit is that you may indeed be regretting something that you’ve opened your mouth and committed to… Rather than going back on what you’ve said, use this energy (and your re words) to find a way to keep your word and make it work for you.

Having said all that, whatever you say today, make sure you mean it.

I’ll leave that one with you.

The Moon is in Virgo today and, as with all things astrological, this one can go a couple of ways.

It’s arguably the best time of the month to get work done that you’ve been putting off- detailed work, filing, budgeting, invoicing, organizing, cleaning, spreadsheets, project plans. You know the drill.

On the other hand, you might feel overwhelmed by it all and do…nothing.

This is the Virgo conundrum.

It’s like my kitchen bench. I clean it off every day and that does is give my family the room to pile more crap on there, so I wonder why I bother cleaning it off?

Sometimes it seems as though the chaos, the mess, the to do list is so much that it’s overwhelming. So you do nothing.

It’s a little like when you’re dieting and you slip on a single piece of chocolate and fall into a whole bar…plus more…no point in continuing once you’ve gone from organization to chaos…is there?

I’ll leave that with you too.