Something about turtles…and hares…and navigating your way home.

Thursday April 6, 2017

Mars trine Pluto

Moon in Leo

Ok, so we know that Mars in Taurus is more tortoise than hare, right? Slow and steady and all that.

The thing about slow and steady is that it gets done – and whatever is done is done properly. Further, the things that are done and done properly have lasting impact. That’s Taurus for you.

Today, as Mars trines Pluto, you have an opportunity to effectively change something in your life. It doesn’t need to be big, it just needs to be sustained – and it needs (as do all things involving Pluto) to have honesty and integrity behind the effort.

Where Mars and Pluto can sometimes be involved in battles of will, or clashes of power, on this occasion the trine aspect should help the two forces – and forces they are – work together.

In the background is a Leo Moon providing the necessary fire to get you up and going.

Speaking of turtles, I’ll be launching a whole new website when I get back from holidays. I’m calling it Navigator, and I’ll be using the same sea-turtle logo that I’m using for my and anyways site. It’s purely Sunshine Coast – places to see, wander and eat. You’ll see it as I explore my new home.

Why Navigator?

A tarot reader told me many years ago that I had the sign of the traveller in me. The sea turtle, he said, symbolizes the navigator. He also told me I was descended from travellers – more specifically gypsies. And that part is true. My great great (I think that’s far enough) grandmother was a Romany gypsy – not that I told him so.

Perhaps it was a load of whatever, who knows, but it’s stayed with me.

Since then I’ve also learnt that the sea turtle is an important symbol in Polynesian culture and is connected to long life, wellness, fertility, union, family and harmony.

The sea is regarded as both the source of food and also the final resting place – or world beyond. The sea turtle covers both sea and land and, because she returns to the beach of her birth to lay her eggs (through a series of magnetic signatures – whatever that means) there’s a belief that the sea turtle also represents a sort of coming home. I suppose it’s about destination, finding your true north or spiritual home – the sort of return you make after and during your travels to the place you’re meant to be.

Sure, it’s a tad new age-y, but it’s also a pretty cool concept, right?

Anyways, that’s why I’ve called my new site navigator and it’s why I’ve used the sea turtle in the logo – because I have the feeling that on the Sunshine Coast is where I’m meant to keep returning to.

Anyways, I’ll pop the link up when I’m back from Vietnam – and settled into my new normal.