Daily Planets

Something about truth, priorities & a recipe…


So anyways, I spent yesterday pottering around in the kitchen.

Unusually for us, there was no old man’s soccer, sorry, football, scheduled, and nowhere we had to be on a Saturday night.

Sure, there was the usual weekend maintenance tasks- I had an appointment at the acupuncturist, the bathrooms needed cleaning and the groceries needed buying- but other than that I planned to finally get some work done on my fiction.

Instead I pottered about the kitchen.

I have not written one word on my fiction since I started back in corporate- and creatively, emotionally, I’m suffering…although my bank account is starting to look a whole lot better- and I’m grateful for that. The issue isn’t so much one of time- even though that’s in short supply- it’s more that my day job is spent wrangling numbers and the words are having problems coming out from behind them.

Pottering around the kitchen may not have got any words written, but it did help slow my brain enough to get things into perspective.

So, here’s the thing.

In order to more effectively prioritise my time, I’ll be posting on here a lot less regularly. There’ll still be a feature post once a week, and probably something else in between. I pop a daily update up on the Jo Tracey Astrology Facebook page, so you can get your daily dose of all things astro there.

I’ll also only be posting on and anyways once or twice a week, and will be taking a complete break from client readings for the next couple of months at least. It won’t be forever- the job I have is a contracted role only.

This has been a tough call to make- I love my blogging, I love my client readings, I love teaching, but my dream has always been to be a published author and that is slipping from my grasp. If I’m not careful, I’ll be one of those Pisceans who has a million unpublished, unfinished manuscripts in the metaphorical bottom drawer and a heart full of regrets. And I don’t do regret.

Someone once said (actually, it was probably several someones and they probably said it more than once) that if you have a dream you should do something about it every single day.

So that’s what I’m going to do- and that means that I’ll need to say “no” to other things that I usually say “yes” to.

Anyways, the pottering in the kitchen was a good use of yesterdays Cancer Moon, Taurus Venus energy- and the end result was certainly a mix of the two.

What did I make?

A few sambals to go with a Balinese style grilled fish, and, for a complete change of pace, profiteroles which I filled with ice cream and served with the easiest, chocolatiest, fudgiest chocolate ganache in the world. How much more Venus in Taurus can you get?


Just take equal quantities of cream and chocolate, heat the cream to nearly boiling, remove it from the heat, drop the chocolate in for a couple of minutes and whisk.

The recipe is here, the pic is above.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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