Something about triffids…

Sand crab

It’s early Sunday morning here in Aus.

We got flogged by the British and Irish Lions in the Rugby last night, but can take dubious comfort in the fact that it takes four countries to do so. Small comfort indeed.

In any case, the sun is shining and here in Sydney it promises to be a gorgeous winters day….which prompts the inevitable early Sunday morning question.

‘What are we going to do today?’

Yesterday was busy- lunch with a friend, old mans football, followed by dinner out and the rugby on the telly.

Yesterday I was running through options for today: yum cha or fish markets for lunch? Maybe a run up the mountains- in the car, of course.

This morning things were different. This morning the Moon has moved into Cancer and my answer to hubby’s question?

‘The house needs a clean and I thought I might de-triffid the garden.’

‘Good,’ he said, ‘the lawn needs mowing and I might run up and get the ingredients for a soup.’

Moon in Cancer.

I’ll be back later with something about the New Moon…and maybe even something about Saturn direct…oh, and I haven’t forgotten my yod post.

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