something about the week ahead…

Today was dreary- well it would have been so if it weren’t for lunch with a girlfriend…

The rain came down, the skies were grey, and the air as humid as it would be somewhere a lot more exotic than Sydney. It’s funny, I can deal with the humidity in SE Asia, but in Sydney I start whining to move from early January. Yes, I know there are millions of people who’d love to live here, and yes, I know that I couldn’t deal with the humidity every day in Bali either…whatever. The Moon is in Leo and it’s all about me. So there.

The other thing with Moon in Leo is that it’s one of the most creative of the Moon cycles. Even if you’re not creatively inclined, it’s worth having a crack at something fun during this period.

As I write, the Moon is just past Full. If you missed the post, it’s here.

So, what’s coming up?

The Moon will, over the next 24 hours or so, oppose Mercury and Mars- expect the usual upsets and tanties.

Jupiter will be direct in the next couple of days (thank the goddess for that one) and Mars will be in Pisces, and Venus in Aquarius (with most of the rest of the planets). More importantly, school goes back. Yay.

It’s going to be an action packed week, so stay tuned!