Something about the void…


Sunday 14 July, 2013

Moon in Virgo

Moon into Libra

All signs have extremes.

There’s the light, there’s the shade, and there’s infinite grey in between. At different times you’ll find yourself going from one to another… and back again- depending on the prevailing weather, sorry, transit, conditions. And, before you write to me…that’s ok.

When the Moon is void of course in a sign, the emotional reactions, the weather forecast for the day, will tend to be towards the extreme of the sign she is floating through.

You’ll either get the purity of the light, or…yep, the dark of the shadow.

Given that Mars is now in the first degree of Cancer, the Moon today is in a relatively long void in Virgo.

This means that we’ll see both sides of Virgo.

There’s the positive, productive, nutritionally aware, organised Virgo, with all that goes along with that image.

This is Virgo being useful, Virgo being of service, Virgo in healthy habit mode, Virgo displaying all of her indispensable earthy efficiency.

Then there’s Shadow Virgo.

She’s a little passive aggressive, a little self martyr-ish, she’s unappreciated and hard done by.

She’s picking at tiny, tiny flaws- so tiny that you need coke bottle strength glasses to see for yourself.

She’s wondering why she’s the only one who does anything properly around this house….she’s wondering why she has to ask so many times to get anything done.

She’s living in chaos because there’s no point in trying to make order out of it.

She’s eating crap because she fell just a little off the dietary wagon last night and obviously that means that this diet is blown too and she’s never ever going to lose weight, so what’s the point in even trying.

With the ruler of this Moon, Mercury, currently retrograde in Cancer, and in mutual reception (ie the Moon and Mercury are in signs ruled by the other), it will be all too easy to fall back into shadow Virgo today.

But you don’t have to.

During the void, a little mindfulness goes a long way.

Sure it’s not a great time to start new stuff, but if you choose to, it’s a good opportunity to make the best of what a sign has to offer…or accept the alternative. At the end of the day, it’s your call.

With thanks to Michelle from Sacred Self for posting this photo on Facebook the other day. It says what I want to say so much better than I could say it.