Something about the theory of containment…

Wasser spritzt in Glas

Friday July 26

Moon in Pisces

We need to talk.

Four little words that have the power to strike fear into the hearts of most men…and women like me.

When people say this, what they really mean is that they want to talk about what is loosely categorised as “feelings”. Ouch. Personally, I’d prefer to go to the dentist than bare my soul…to anyone…but we all have our own challenges.

As most of you know, I have the Ascendant and three planets in Pisces (plus Chiron), all of which trine Jupiter (in Cancer) and Neptune (in Scorpio). Yep, that makes it a grand water trine. While I feel deeply as you’d imagine someone with that much water, most of the time I contain it. It’s something I learnt to do when I was young.

Sometimes the container leaks, sometimes it overflows, sometimes it all pours in too quickly and I can’t catch it, very very occasionally the container gets dropped and it all runs out. Usually the spillages are alcohol related. Don’t judge me.

Rarely, though, do I share any of it willingly- and when I do, it’s like popping an ice cube in a glass and topping it up with something else. It helps avoid the major trips and spills- and the two people in the world who have ever seen this would agree that it’s best avoided.

Which leads me to another four words I don’t like:

How do you feel?

The thing is, when people ask how you feel:

  • Mostly they don’t want to know how you feel, they want to know how you are– there’s a very big difference.
  • Articulating your feelings is tantamount to risking them- to judgement, ridicule or diminishment.
  • Talking about it brings with it an implied pressure to do something about it.
  • Just because I let something slip under the influence, doesn’t mean that I want to repeatedly revisit it when next time the same person brings it up…or the time after that or the time after that

Ultimately though, while ever a dream or an emotion or a fantasy remains inside you, it’s somehow easier to believe in. What is challenging to most people, even those of us watery types who are supposedly in touch with our emotions, is believing what we feel. Letting it out is when things get real.

For all of us, there is no better time to believe your feelings and trust your intuition than under a Pisces Moon. The tough bit is when we start to try and rationalize it.

With the Moon still in Pisces (and also supportively linked to Jupiter Mars and Mercury), if you want to believe, do it now.

Sure your bestie might be telling you to choose carefully and be careful of the flames and watch the drop and consider the consequences, but while the Moon is in Pisces, it is oh so indulgent to just go with it…the feeling that is, not the jumping off a cliff bit hoping for a soft landing.

That’s Neptunitis. There is plenty of time for doing and thinking when La Luna moves on.



  1. I’m with ya on the feelings thing, but I’ve always talked way too about mine, lol. Am not understood by hubby who says logic is the best ruler, even though his sun is in Cancer.
    Speaking of all your Pisces, my 13yr old son is pretty strong there, having his sun (12house) along with his moon and mercury in the 11th – all in Pisces.
    Whilst we relate very well, I swear he cried continually, andostly inconsolably, the first 2 years of his life!

    1. Check out where your hubby’s Moon is- that will tell you more about how he reacts emotionally. My Mum has never understood my emotions- she’s an Aquarius & I’m this watery creature with no air. My siblings are earth or fire, so she’s never had the same issues with them. We get on fine now, but lets just say I learnt very early to hide them. As your son goes through puberty, the emotions may get the better of him- especially if he doesn’t have anywhere safe to express them. Music can be an absolute gift- they identify with the lyrics.

      1. Whilst he is definitely home oriented, I would’ve expected hubby to be a bit more watery, given his Sun, Venus, Mars & Uranus are all in Cancer – in his 10th house. (Jupiter is in 10th as well but in Leo). His Moon in Aquarius .. but I don’t know, i don’t think this accounts for his fave catch-phrases, “it’s logical” or “it’s just not logical” lol. I’ll maybe look further one day!

        Must have been a tricky youth with all that learning to hide the depth of your feelings! Which probably accounts for why you still keep now them tightly close ( lol, except for when influenced bu a drink or two .. haha i laughed at that because that is when i have to try hardest to keep mine in.. God knows where we’d all end up then … It’s a murky mess deep down there lol)

        What complex humans we all are! And really, i don’t think one way is ‘better’ over another (though my hubby is convinced his way is!) … We just are who we are 🙂

        Thanks for the tip re music for my Pisces son. He’s been learning and playing guitar for 5 years and is keen on it, but I’ll remember to encourage him to use music more to help when the puberty blues strike! Thanks Jo 🙂

        1. Aquarius Moon will do it- no matter how watery he is, that will allow him to detach & look at his reaction logically. My Scorp hubby has his Moon in Gemini & it makes it all lighter than it should be.

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