Something about the Taurus Moon…


Monday 21 October

Moon in Taurus

Mercury Retrograde

Yesterday was a day of two halves.

I celebrated the Moon in Taurus, Mars opposite Neptune, and International Day of the Sloth very seriously in the morning. The day was hot, the pool beckoning, and the fridge full of leftovers from a family get together on Saturday night.

And then the Moon opposed Saturn.

My afternoon, contrast, was seriously head down, bum up productive.

Today will go either of two ways- as void of course Moons do.

You’ll either be filled with the need to do nothing at all… or the best of Taurean productivity.

The usual stay away from the fridge warnings apply- especially if you find yourself swallowing rather than speaking…procrastineating, I call it.

The Taurus Moon is a manifesting energy- not a starting energy- so go with that today and use it to cement a routine or habit already in place.

Speaking about going with rather than against energy, Mercury turns retrograde today. You know what you have to do…

Mercury turns direct on 9/11 at 2 Scorpio 50’