something about the number 11, finger pointing and plumbers


Eleven seems to be a pretty important place to be at the moment.

Pluto is there. Jupiter is there. Chiron is there. Mercury has just been there. Saturn was there for what seemed to be an eternity. Venus and the Sun will be there within the next 24 hours.

I like the number 11.

In numerology, 11 is one of those master numbers- like 10. Eleven signifies someone whose potential for success doesn’t manifest until later in life. I know that because I’m an 11. Broken down further into 2 (1 + 1) it represents the balance of the laws of heaven and laws of humans.

In Tarot, in the major arcana, the Justice card represents the number 11. It’s about seeking a higher truth and defending that. It’s about seeing things from a different perspective. As an aside, the Justice card is associated with Libra…#just saying.

Here’s the thing, there’s no coincidence that all of this truth learning stuff has been happening at the number 11. Just like a few moths ago it was all happening at the number 9. The Universe doesn’t work that way.

Nor is there any coincidence that Pluto, the ultimate searcher for deep truth, is sitting there in Capricorn controlling the proceedings.

The Yod that has been active for the last few weeks is now separating. Saturn is moving out, and Jupiter will also soon be out of range. This leaves the squares being formed by Venus and the Sun to Pluto as the final trigger points in this little arrangement.

Backtracking a little, just what is a yod?

A Yod, or a Finger of God, looks a little like an isosceles triangle. The power of the triangle is focused at the end point. It’s 2 quincunx (or inconjunct) aspects with a sextile at the other end.


Inconjuncts can be difficult to understand, but if they appear in transit or in your chart, the Mean Something. The capital letters are deliberate. If a yod appears, it means something seriously Profound.

The thing with the inconjunct is that the planets in aspect have absolutely nothing in common with each other. The elements are challenging, the modality is different. One is yin, one is yang.

In transits, the inconjunct always represents something that you’re not ready for, or are challenged by. It’s a situation that needs to end and move on- regardless of whether or not your ready. With ending comes release.

Inconjunct has a Plutonian feel to it- a little like a plumber clearing a blockage in your drain. Things become a little backed up and smelly and then….whoosh.

In a yod, 3 different elements are represented- 2 of which have the potential to get along. If these are able to overcome their fear and ego and work together, there is potential to find common ground and the whoosh at the end of the funnel.

In this formation, Pluto and Saturn (in mutual reception, being in signs that the other rules), have been the planets needing to hold hands…but neither Pluto or Saturn are the hand holding types.

The opportunity (sextile) has been there for a while, but neither are quick to give way. Both signs involved- Scorpio and Capricorn- are quick to fear and slow to trust. As a result, the pressure, the back up, has been increasing. The release, when it comes, will be great.

A friend was telling me the other day about a situation he’s been dealing with at work. Multiple personalities have been involved- none of whom have anything in common. Each have been operating their own agenda, jostling for power and generally destabilising the office environment and team results.

A breakthrough was had the other day. It involved an opportunity (sextile) to work with each in isolation. It involved tears, it involved a release of long held resentments and fears, dirty laundry was aired… and a break through was reached.

He described the result as a palpable relief. The transformation was massive- as if it was a different office.

If you have planets or chart points being impacted at the moment at any point of this yod, you may be feeling the same.

Scorpio 11 is my 9th house cusp, so Saturn moving off that point has meant him moving back into the 8th house. The release has been a breakthrough in money issues that had been concerning me. Instead of looking at the problem the way I had been, we looked at it from a different perspective and the answer is clear. It’s not yet resolved- and probably won’t be until Saturn comes back across this point- but it’s a relief nevertheless.

That’s the thing with aspects like these- the key words are fear and ego. You have to be prepared to look at all sides of the situation, be open to all possibilities, put fear and ego aside in order to find common ground or solutions where at first glance none exist.

Then you have to phone the “plumber.”

How has this been playing out for you? Any breakdowns or break throughs?


  1. Hi Jo, well you hit the nail on the head! I have my Midheaven at 11 degrees Scorpio and my Asc. is 17 Capricorn as well as my name number =11, so I am walking the plank myself here! I am coming up, in a week, to my 57th birthday, not quite yet my Second Saturn Return because that is 2 degrees Sag,but in my 10th house too, one wonders how it will all play out! The Uranus Pluto thing is also creeping up…my Sun and Merc are 16 degrees Aries, so right now I feel like I am perched to launch…but where? Any ideas would be most valued! Thanks Jo, I am a big fan of your work. 🙂 (Miss) Shawn Cohen

    1. Hi Shawn- lovely to meet you…& thanks for the kind words… The Sun & Venus are inconjunct your MC at present making you feel, shall we say, blocked? With Taurus on the cusp of your 4th, I’d suggest using Venus in Aries to do some purging around the home- if that needs doing. Sometimes “spring” cleaning- of the letting go kind- leaves room for the opportunities that are banking up to be seen clearly.

  2. It’s all going on for me at the mo – this yod is pointing at my Venus at 8 Gemini. Over the last 2 weeks, the cracks in my relationship began shattering, and we finally split up last night. His Pluto is at 9 Libra – conjunct *that* full moon.
    Im an Aries and all the fire in the belly going on in Aries finally gave me the impetus to leave a controlling situation. And Saturn just dipped back into my 7th – he knew I needed an extra shove to get this sorted! He is also opposing my natal Chiron. Hmm! Oh and transiting Chiron is sat on my Moon, squaring my venus, opposing my partner’s Venus.
    Ahh.. huge opportunity for transformation and healing is there, if he was willing to drop the ego and dig around in the shit and unclog!
    Am finding it very hard to fully let go but am hoping all the Aries action will help drive me forward through this.

    1. Oh Angel-A…good luck with it all. Sometimes the transits can be so completely textbook-y.

  3. I have had saturn in my 2nd for sometime now, pluto in the 4th , and jupiter in the 9th, and for the life of me cannot figure out how to ‘release’ the tension that has been created. can you provide examples of how these houses might express themselves? neptune is in my 7th, and that has been ‘clear’ enough, i have had deceptions in my current relationship, as well as at work. i lost my job due to medical problems and so want to work with these elements and get past all this.

    1. Just from this paragraph, I’d be looking hard at the 2nd. Losing your job would have forced you to look hard at what is *really* important to you rather than what you’ve always assumed to be so. With Scorpio on the cusp ofthe 2nd, it sounds as if there is old habits around making money or how you think you should be making money. Look also at the natal house where Saturn lives for clues. Jupiter in the 9th often indicates extra study or travel. You mentioned medical problems so maybe Jupiter in the 9th is asking you to examine some spiritual or new age learnings? Or maybe even study that might lead to a new career… Hope this helps a little.

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