Something about the Moon in Virgo…


Moon in Virgo

Wow, yesterday was productive.

Seriously head down, bum up sort of activity.

The energy today will be the same, yet also slightly different.

How different?

The Moon is void of course today…that means that you’ll get either pure Virgo productive, useful energy, or you’ll get the Virgo shadow energy through loud and clear.

What do I mean by that? Void of course?

The Moon makes no more (traditional) aspects (to planets) before it leaves Virgo. There is nothing on the horizon to add a descriptor, adjective or extra layer to todays emotional weather forecast.

Virgo lunar can be either a picture of organised, productive, practicality….or it can be a case of things will never be perfect, it’s already way too far into chaos, no one ever notices what I do, this kitchen bench is always a mess, type of unproductivity. Or is that non-productivity? Whatever…you get the idea.

My suggestion?

If you have things to do, do them.

You’ll run into trouble with your schedule if:

  • You’ve set yourself an unrealistic amount to get through- being overwhelmed by the tasks on your list is one of the quickest ways to do nothing at all. Under promise and over deliver.
  • You’ve set yourself an unrealistic level of perfection to live up to.
  • You beat yourself up- please, please, please give yourself a break.
  • You don’t stick to what’s on your list…scope creep is the enemy of productivity. You know exactly what I’m talking about- you start with the project plan and then realise that the tasks don’t marry up to the risk register, so that needs amending, but then the requirements register will also need to be updated to reflect the changes you made, which means…

For more hints on how to deal with Virgo Moons, or if you’re not feeling the earthy love, jump across to the Moon Magic page.

What’s on my list today?

  • A reading with a lovely earthy client
  • Writing the next module to my Unit 3- Introductions to Transits class…which, as an aside, starts on March 4 and has 2 seats left…just saying…