something about the Moon in Cancer- and crook guts

sunrise in Sydney

I write this watching my hubby painstakingly chopping assorted veg into tiny little dice to make a no point (yep I’m on Weight Watchers) soup for me. He’s quite excited- the fridge is a bit like a mystery box for him.

Anyways, he’s preparing something to keep my tummy full and satisfied during long days at the keyboard when procrastineating can miraculously turn into binging without much thought at all.

And that’s especially the case at the moment with the Moon in Cancer- always potential Diet Disaster Days- especially for those lunar types or watery types.

My tummys not good at the moment- in fact I haven’t been 100% for well over 6 weeks. First it was the breathing, now that’s working again, the guts are crook (as us Aussies would say)…too much information?

At 2.30 the other morning I grabbed my iphone and googled the symptoms- self-diagnosing appendicitis…as you do. Actually, it’s not normally something I do, but I did in desperation the other night.

Instead my doctor (I shouldn’t call him “my doctor”, I met him for the 1st time today…I don’t really go to doctors) thinks it’s more likely to be my second guess- wheat (or gluten, but we’ll go with wheat first) intolerance. Great. I love bread. It’s my one big indulgence- along with cheese and wine…hence the Weight Watchers!

Cancer rules the tummy, so it was probably a good day to find all that out.

Anyways, to the skies that were, I hasten to add, gorgeous this morning. At about the time I got in the car to go to the gym, the Moon and Venus were conjunct. The pic is above.

After a busy day aspect wise today, the Moon has some free-wheeling moody stuff to do through Cancer before squaring off against Saturn and Mars.

Speaking of which, these two bad boys are now conjunct in Libra. Sure their malefics, but Saturn is in the sign of his exaltation and Mars in the sign of his detriment, so no prizes for guessing who will come out on top. I wrote a bit on this last week.

Also tomorrow Venus will be exactly opposite Pluto. We spoke about this one the other day too, so grab that dictionary of Astro keywords and start throwing around things like obsession, compulsion, power games, intensity…you never know, it could be fun.

Not all the kitchen activity in my house tonight is being undertaken by Mr Scorpio. I’ve prepared this yummy chicken thingie- Baked Chicken with Lemongrass and Chilli. Prepared with no fat and lots of fragrant herbs and spices, this is perfect on a Cancer Moon tum- home-cooked indulgence without the calories.

Until next time…