Something about the business end of the year…& seasons eatings…


Wednesday 4 December

Moon in Sagittarius

We’re getting towards the business end of the year.

Here in Chez Tracey, it’s the last week of school before the long summer holidays, Christmas is around the corner, the tree is up and decorated, and the calendar is full.

My daughter checked it out the other day and made the comment that I’m out for lunch in the city every weekend day between now and Christmas. As one Facebook friend commented: Seasons Eatings!

We’re also getting to the business end of the year astrologically speaking.

As a result of his retrograde cycle, Mercury has had extended stays in each of the water signs this year- it’s been a year where those of us of the watery persuasion have been able to communicate almost by osmosis, where our instinct (if we’ve trusted it) has been listened to and where we’ve been able to speak without so many words….although having said that, I dread to think how many words I’ve written on this blog!

This means that it’s been a year where those not so much of the watery persuasion have been slowed down and frustrated- water logged, so to speak. That’s all about to change as Mercury moves into Sagittarius tomorrow.

I have a post scheduled to go up later this afternoon, but for now the key words for this Jupiter and fire ruled Mercury are:


Big thinking



Mercury in Sagittarius is a restless thinker, a big thinker, an over the fence thinker, says it like it is without thinking, and isn’t going to hang around to talk about messy things like “your feelings.” Hell no. There’s been plenty of time to do that during the extended stay in Scorpio. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt…next?

That’s the thing with Mercury in Sag- often he has no idea that he’s hurt/offended/pissed you off with his comments. You might be analysing his every word for hidden meanings, but he’s off already.

Also happening in the next few days is Mars moving into Libra.

Libra is the sign of Mars’s fall- which is a fancy schmancy way of saying he operates in a most un-Mars like way here…which is a slight concern given that he’ll be there for months- nearly 8 of them.

Yep, 8 months in Libra- during which time he’ll trigger the ongoing drama that is the Pluto-Uranus square, and spend a fair whack of time retrograde.

There are plenty of people out there worried about this one, so I guess I’ll pop a post up on it in the next few days.

As with all planetary movements and retrogrades, the key to this one is to use the energy mindfully, and in the way you’re being directed to…more on that later in the week.

And finally, it’s not too late to set your New Moon intentions- if you haven’t already done so. Take a good look at where you’re feeling jumpy, trapped or dissatisfied and ask yourself if changing your thinking, viewpoint or perspective will help with this…is there an adventure you’re saying no instead of yes to? Are you staying still because of the risks associated with leaping? If this is the case, just remember that there are also risks associated with doing nothing…they’re called opportunity costs…and it’s not something to be ignored.