Something about the Ascendant and something more about Leo Rising

I was asked to write this piece months ago- by a regular reader on the Facebook page.

She wanted me to write about the physical characteristics of Scorpios.

When we talk about appearance, though, what we’re talking about is the Ascendant. When we have that inevitable question at a party “so if you’re so clever, tell me what star sign I am?” Inevitably we will get it wrong. At least until we get to know the person- then we will see the Sun.

First things first. Read this with an “all things being equal” mind. Why? Because planets that are in the first house or aspect the ascendant will also have an impact on how you look- and seriously, if I was to go through all of the possible combinations, I’d be here all day- and that won’t help my word count target.

As an example, if you’re lucky enough to have Venus on the Ascendant, it can be like wearing a great big sign on your head “I’m gorgeous”…and you probably will be- even when dressed in a hessian sack.

Jupiter on the Ascendant usually suggests size- either up or out- and bum and legs that can jump high buildings in a single leap…or star in a rap video.

Moon on the Ascendant suggests roundness, lushness, curves.

This differs too between day and night births. Again using Jupiter as an example- day births the body will tend to grow up, and night births grow out. All other things being equal.

Further, if you are a Solar type, ie the Sun in the 1st and prominent in your chart you may read the Leo spiel and identify with it- regardless of what sign your Ascendant is in. This goes also for Jupiter types and the Sagittarius and Pisces profiles…in fact each planet has a “type”.

In fact, your appearance is likely to be a mix of Rising sign and other types. Eg I’m a Pisces Rising, with the Sun and Moon in the 1st house close to the Ascendant. I have the hair of a solar type and the roundness of a night birth lunar type. Jupiter and Neptune aspect my Ascendant, so they also add to the picture. Get it?

So, before you reject this as  complete guff, have a look at your chart and see what else is happening on and to your Ascendant.

So, to Leo…and Solar types.

First and foremost is the hair. The mane- often of strong colour- eg Jerry Hall, Morgan Fairchild, Debbie Harry.  The hair can resemble a sunburst.

Leo men are particularly sensitive to and about hair loss.  They tend to either keep a full mane  (eg George Michael) or suffer frontal and top balding (eg Bruce Willis).

Leo types are proud of their hair, will look after it, and may decorate it or draw attention to it (or away from it, in the case of baldness) with hats or other accessories. Many Leo Rising men will make a feature of their baldness (eg Bruce Willis) or try to hide it (eg Elton John).

Leo Rising may have a broad, angular face- almost cat-like, with high cheekbones and upwardly slanting eyes. Here nose will have fine and straight lines- like a cats- with slightly flaring nostrils.

The Leo body is of medium height with relatively broad shoulders and narrow hips. Leo rules the heart, so the Leo type will have a well- developed chest and upper back. This description isn’t about bulk, but rather strength and vitality. She will have a slow and regal way of moving.

In fact, when thinking about Leo, you won’t go too wrong to look at a Greek hero statue.

Regardless of the sign that the Sun is in, with a Leo Ascendant, you will have a warm and generally cheerful manner. Leo Rising will look confident, even if she doesn’t always feel it.

She will dress well and enjoy quality. If the Sun is also in Leo, she will enjoy wearing high class brand names and logos…and gold…lots of gold. This is not a sign who will allow herself to be seen in any other situation other than well turned out- not for her the tracksuit and ugg boots to grab a carton of milk from the local shops!

Oh, and the car… or should I say the chariot? Leo likes their ride to be of the same quality as everything else in their lives. All other things being equal.

If you want to know more about astrological body types, check out Judith A Hills’ The Astrological Body Types.  This book was my main source for info. Sasha Fentons’ Rising Signs is also a valuable source.