Something about the Aries Moon, the Crescent Moon and JFDI’ing…


Tuesday 4 February

Moon in Aries

If you look into the sky at night right now, you’ll see the Moon as a thin sliver of light. If you look deeper, you’ll see the outline of the Full Moon behind that thin, bright line.

We’re at the First Crescent, and the outline of the full potential, of where we’re going is becoming clearer.

It’s at this point in the cycle of all new projects that a couple of things can happen.

  • We can be excited by the changes, the possibility and the future, and press ahead, or
  • We can make like a teenager home for the holidays and be soooooo bored…already.

Boredom is the Arian secret weapon against change.

Yes, you heard me right.

Of course, it doesn’t come across as giving up, or being overwhelmed or not knowing where to start…the excuse used is boredom. We don’t judge boredom- it’s not like a surrender…it’s boredom.

The thing is, at the Crescent Moon, it’s like being home for the holidays. There’s plenty to do, plenty to stimulate us- and therein lies the problem.

At the new Moon, we’re excited by the possibility of uncharted territory, of taking that first step into the dark. We don’t really know what we’re doing of where we’re going, but hey, how hard could it be? If you were born at the New Moon, this is pretty well your attitude to life- a childlike naivety.

By the Crescent Moon, we can see a little. Perhaps we know what needs to be achieved, perhaps we’ don’t and are bored already. Perhaps the intentions we set at the New Moon last week need to be tweaked.

If they do, that’s ok. Tweak them. That’s what you do at this stage of any project. As the information comes to light, the scope is changed accordingly. Besides, it helps with the boredom.

Not that there’s any chance of that today…

The Moon is currently conjunct Uranus and will later square Venus and Pluto and Jupiter, before opposing Mars at this time tomorrow. This happens every month, so I won’t bore you with the details.

This month, these challenges provide the discomfort to either push you to the next level or send you into your room with your headphones and some very loud music.

All I’m going to say is the energy is there to be used- if you’re prepared to use it.