something about the Aries Moon and procrastineating…


I’ve struggled today. Seriously.

And that’s unusual on an Aries Moon day. I’m usually full of energy and creative fire. But not today.

Yesterday was fine. Yesterday I had Miss T’s swimming carnival (where, incidentally, she smashed it up and defended her age championship). Yesterday was a great Aries Moon day. I spent the day cheering, bopping and tweeting the commentary team. Sad, I know.

As an aside, Miss T’s Saturn conjunct Mars and Mercury in Aries came out perfectly in her distance swims. She swam her own race, conserved her energy and powered home in the last 50m.

Anyways, back to today.

I’ve finished the full re-write on my fiction novel, so am back to working on the astro manuscript. And I’m struggling. Today I struggled with the detail, I struggled with the words. My temptation was to say it like it is, and I struggled with that too- I can’t be that blunt in a book. I have to think about avoiding absolutist statements. I have to think about options and possibilities and what ifs…and that isn’t easy to do under an Aries Moon. Under an Aries Moon you want to say it and move on already. Under an Aries Moon you want some creative licence, not fact checking.

So I procrastinated. And when I procrastinate, I tend to procrastineat. And when I procrastineat, it tends very quickly to turn into a binge. And I haven’t given into that particular temptation since January 1. Not since I started the whole Operation Tummy Fix. In fact, I haven’t even been tempted since January 1, but the last few days I’ve been seriously tested. The old restless dissatisfaction is back and rather than do anything about it, it would be way to easy to make like a Pisces and escape into something.

As an aside, procrastineating and boredom eating are common symptoms under an Aries or Gemini Moon…unless you keep the body and the brain occupied…#just saying.

I abandoned the manuscript and went to the gym…but that restless frustration is still there- and I still need a wine. Badly.

Anyways, as they say, the only workout you regret is the one you don’t do, and the threatened binge has so far been restricted to a can of tuna and a few cruskits. I’d promised myself no wine until Queenstown- which, incidentally, is in 5 sleeps time.

Mars is currently sextile Pluto (in Capricorn) and trine Saturn (in Scorpio). Usually when we hear Mars, Pluto and Saturn in one sentence we hold our hands up in surrender and back away. Not this time. Not only are the aspects “easy,” each of the players are talking to each other. Pluto and Saturn are in mutual reception ie in the signs that the other rules. Mars loves Capricorn and is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

This little set of aspects will provide opportunities that may not be immediately obvious- opportunities are like that (you actually have to see the door handle and try the key) but if grabbed can lead to wish fulfilment. Mars is, after all, in Pisces at present, so in the mood for a little dream catching.

Tomorrow the Moon will be in Taurus and, by this time tomorrow, will be linking up with both Pluto and Saturn.

The Moon/Pluto link is a supportive one- a great reminder that progress is made with hard work, ambition and persistence. The Moon/Saturn link is more problematic.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is one of hanging on and letting go. Storage and elimination. Fears and paranoia and letting it be. To make the most of whatever opportunities are there, you may need to let go of something that you’re not ready to let go of.

I’ll leave that one with you.

Oh, and as for all Taurus Moons, step away from the fridge and put the chocolate down.