Something about telling the stars…


Tuesday August 6

Moon in Leo

We’re in the dark or balsamic phase of the Moon at present- the New Moon is just around the corner- more on that later.

New Moons are always pretty special. Part of this is because for those couple of days before, the sky is pitch dark. There is no light. Things are ending and they’re ending there in the dark behind the blackness. Way beyond where you can see.

I’ll let you in on a little secret- I’m scared of the dark. But it’s more than dark, it’s about what’s out there or under there or in there- the things I can’t see and therefore can’t know about that I’m scared of.

When I was younger, probably about the same age as Miss 15 is now- or perhaps a little older- my family used to holiday on Greenmount Beach at Coolangatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Every year Mum & Dad would pile all of us in the car for the long journey and every year we would stay at this old fibro Queenslander right on the beach. Dad used to throw his flip flops at the cockroaches. Of course it’s gone now….

Anyways, in those days I used to swim the length of the beach before breakfast, out there past the breakers. The ocean didn’t scare me, but what I couldn’t see under me in the dark water did. Every time I was out there, I was trying to beat my own fears.

These days what I am scared of gets pushed away or under the carpet as I pop my fingers in my ears and do the whole lalalalalala not listening thing.

But these few days before the New Moon are the best time for banishing fears and things we no longer have uses for. Whether it is ideas, habits, stuff in your head that shouldn’t be there. Hopefully you’ve done this- or are doing it.

The New Moon is like a blackboard just waiting to be written on with a bright highlighter, maybe with a few flourishes and sparkles. It’s a fresh slate. And we always seem to notice things written on fresh slates a little more.

Over the weekend, while “glamping” the kids took sparklers out into the dark and waved them around a bit. I did the same, but I was making a wish- writing it in the sky for the stars to see.