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something about Taurus Moon

coastline just below waverley cemetery

Each month I talk about how the Taurus Moon can be one of those times of the month when one is most prone to comfort eating. For lunar types (and the Moon is exalted in Taurus) when things get too much, it can be easier to swallow feelings rather than express them.

The other reason is that Taurus, ruled by Venus, loves pleasure- earthly pleasure… and beauty- real beauty, not just the idea of it.

Taurus operates from all 5 senses- sight, smell, taste, touch and sound- and uses all of these to experience pleasure. That’s why food is important- especially in the absence of other beauty or pleasure…and Taurus does, after all, rule the throat.

The other thing that Taurus represents is the principle of storage, knowing when enough is plenty, already. What Taurus wants is to just “be”. “Be” at one with earth, with herself, enough. Taurus wants to relax into the comfort of being.

So, at this Taurus Moon, appreciate what you are, what you have, what is around you. Look at the sky and appreciate the colours, listen to the sounds around you, feel the textures of fabric, earth. And, when you do sit down for your meals, taste the food in your mouth, and how it feels on your tongue, the pleasure you feel from it. Savour it before you swallow it. Unfortunately, during most comfort eating binges, pleasure is the last thing you feel.

Yesterday Miss 14 and I had another “stay-cation” excursion (I’ll be almost disappointed when the school holidays finish & I can get some work done :))- this time to walk 7.something kms fom Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. The stairs and steep hills were butt clenchingly hard, and the descents hell on the knees, but the pleasure from the effort was priceless.

About 3kms along the rain came down- just as we completed the climb up to Waverley Cemetery. Rather than complaining, we enjoyed the feel of it- and appreciated the cool down!

rock formations just before Bondi

We passed Clovelly Beach, Bronte Beach, Tamarama Beach and amazing views along the way. We appreciated real estate, pondered how you could do a nudie run to get clean knickers from the washing basket when you had no window covering, and gazed out to see looking for whales. Then when it was over we had a very tasty lunch at a friends place.

Sure there was exercise involved, but it was a Taurus Moon day.

So, today, instead of giving way to feelings with mindless fridge opening and closing, step away from the chocolate and spend just a few minutes being mindful.

If you can, schedule a massage, a facial, some other type of pampering bodywork. If you can, check out some art, some music, a view. If you can, take a walk, look at the flowers, make pictures with the clouds, smell the earth. If you can’t do any of these, pause for a while at your break, at lunch-time and savour what it is that you are doing, what you can see, what you are tasting. That’s also very Taurus Moon.

near Clovelly

If you want to follow some of my Sydney stay-cation ideas, check it out at and anyways…

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Oh I know about comfort food! I am a taurus sun AND moon. I fantacise about decorating real estate I salivate over online. I love GOOD food, home cooked because I’m sort of a teeny bit germaphobic and if the person handling my foods toches thier face or hair it makes me sick and I wont eat it. A good thing is whenever I see an obese person in the bakery I will leave w/o getting anything.
I enjoy gardening. I love my screen porch in summer. I live near a little beach on Long Island, New York but I rarely go anymnore because I’d rather be at home with my 3 little dogs. I will take them there in the evening.
Today it was BEAUTIFUL outside. Breezy 80 degree’s

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