Something about Sun square Saturn…and Abba.

So I started this morning singing.

Bang a Boomerang…to be precise. Daggy I know, but I was watching the previous nights Abba special. Thank goodness for catch up TV is all I’m saying.

Anyways, there I am singing lyrics like “love is a tune you hummy hum hum”, the Sun is shining and Jupiter is now direct.

Then my daughter said my singing is crap. Seriously? She’s insulting my ego and creativity and right to be individual and it’s not yet 8am?

She said I shouldn’t be singing crap songs before 8am.

I told her that I doubted we’d be singing One Direction songs 40 years down the track.

Saturn vs Sun.

I looked to hubby for support. He sided with her. ‘Your singing is crap. Lucky you can write.’

Well really!

Then I started reading Facebook and Twitter posts. All these people coming up against brick walls. Sure things that are suddenly frustrated. Completed jobs that need tweaking. Yes’s turning into no’s.

My dummy dum dum started to stick in my throat.

There was no hiding from the truth. Not only is my singing crap, but the Sun is square Saturn.

This is likely to be one of those days where roadblocks are everywhere. Speed humps and slow down signs where yesterday there were none. Brick walls where yesterday was free passage. Rocks and hard places wherever you look. This is more so if you have planets or chart points at 11 degrees of pretty well anywhere.

The good news?

This is a relatively short lived transit. Saturn is at a standstill (virtually) and the Sun is moving on.

So today? Grin and bear it.

If people are trying to wipe the smile off your face, smile on the inside.

Keep on with whatever you need to be keeping on with.

The Moon is still in business as usual Virgo- until around 6pm Sydney time, so use it to cut through the crap and do what needs to be done.

Knowing me and knowing you, it’s the best we can do.