Something about your future meeting your past…


I don’t talk too much about the nodes here- not really sure why- but today I’m going to…a little.

Yesterday Mars squared Saturn, today it’s the North Node’s turn.

Mars/Saturn brought with it the frustration and sensation of being caught between a rock and a hard place, today it’s indicating a way forward- if you can overcome fears and obstructions.

This is a fixed square, so we’re talking about immoveable objects and a stubborn refusal to give way. I used this image yesterday on the Facebook page to describe it.

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

This makes sense as anything to do with the North Node is hard work and requires effort. The North Node always feels a little Saturnian to me.

This transit is personal to me in that yesterdays square happened exactly on my South Node. For me it’s a little like my future is coming up against my past and kicking it aside. It’s feeling like now or never, money where your mouth is time.

Last week I had a chat with the ever lovely Clementine from AquaMoon.

Clementine specialises in evolutionary astrology.  She looks at Pluto and the nodes from the viewpoint of soul journeys. How early and unconscious conditioning can block you from doing what you should be doing.

I’d been feeling a bit like that lately, as if I was blocked, as if something needed to be released. It felt like an inconjunct feels. So I looked at the inconjuncts in my chart. I looked at Mars and Saturn.

Given that Saturn had just passed Mars and was now conjunct my South Node, the time seemed right. My chat with Clementine set off a few light bulbs in my head. It feels like it’s time to get serious about the future, about self-reliance and self resourcing. It feels like it’s time to get real about the things that I need to let go of.

Moon in Scorpio is perfect for going deeply into the soul. Moon is perfect for digging below the surface, for taking the lid off that which has been hidden and locked away and face what’s inside.

Doing this takes courage. It takes a now or never approach. It takes a willingness to stare down your fears.

If you’d like a reading with Clementine, you can contact her at