Daily Planets

Something about spinning around…


Tuesday October 1

Moon in Leo

As this post goes to press, I’ll be on a spin bike about to battle through the 6am Tuesday morning class. It’s all part of the training regime for Routeburn- the Route to Routeburn I’m calling it.

Anyways, I seriously dislike spin classes- I’ve never really got the whole bike thing and the decent music doesn’t make up for the annoyance of a motivational instructor (at 6am? Give me strength…) and the extreme discomfort of those bike seats- even with the amount of padding I have on my bum. If any spin afficionados out there have hints as to how to make your ride more comfortable, I’df love to know. In the meantime, I actually look forward to the climbing tracks when I can get out of my seat. As much as I dislike them, they are a necessary evil as I try to prepare my legs for hours worth of walking and a few decent hills. Besides, didn’t I say the other day that sometime we have to do stuff that we really don’t want to do in order to achieve something that we really do want? This is one of those moments.

Today the Moon will activate the Mars/Venus square that we had the other day- but in a different way. Today it’s all about translation of light- sort of like chinese whispers for planets. It’s what happens when a fast moving planet, usually the Moon, carries the energy of one planet to another.

You see, in just a few hours La Luna will hook up with Mars. This is that time of the month when your heart and your intentions are on the same wavelength. Because they are on the same wave length, it’s also that time of the month when you can find yourself being mighty and (because we’re talking a fixed sign here) stubbornly irritated by anything that you perceive (correctly or otherwise) that’s in your way.

Anyways, the Moon will hold onto this- and bring the energy into a square with Venus later in the day….effectively triggering the Venus/Mars square again. Sort of like when you bring your bad mood into the next meeting to ruin someone elses day.

The thing is, friction stimulates growth- as long as you don’t find yourself stubbornly holding your ground instead. My advice? Throw yourself into something (or someone) that you adore.

And, if you find yourself having to pedal through your version of the spin class from hell, take a minute to remind yourself why you’re doing it. I’ll be doing just that.