Daily Planets

Something about something I need…


Tuesday 12 November

Moon in Pisces

A song that’s been in my head over the last few days is One Republic’s Something I Need. I love it. Despite the lyrics, it still sounds, somehow, hopeful to me.

Then I saw the video clip.


I hate it. In fact, I can’t watch it, or post the link. Youtube it if you want a look. Now I just listen to the song.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen it, essentially this guy, who’s obviously lonely, notices this gorgeous woman. And she notices him. The thing is, he must be figuring that he’s (as us Aussies would say) batting above his average, so it takes him a while to make his move. He makes excuses, checks his teeth, checks his breath, delays a little more. Finally he’s ready- which is when this rabid dog comes out from nowhere and attacks him.

So the guy dies alone, with hardly anyone at his funeral- although there is a choir with the lead singer of One Republic. He was so convinced that his fears would come true, that in his inaction, that’s exactly what happened.

Right at the end, the girl shows up, with her own dog on a leash. Cue resurrection.

My point? He delayed so long, made so many excuses, checked that everything was right, that he missed the chance that was right in front of him. The rabid dog in the clip is symbolic of fears, and how it holds you back and kills your opportunities.

When the girl at the end turns up with her own dog- on a leash- we know that even someone as gorgeous as she is has fears, but that she’s somehow managed to control them, master them.

Both Scorpio and Cancer are associated with fear and mistrust. We question the future, we question motives, we question exposure. We delay for so long that we lose opportunities.

Today though, Jupiter and the Sun are trine.

Given that Jupiter is retrograde, this feels very much to me like a second chance to grab something that’s previously been offered. All that’s needed is enough faith to take it.

In the background is the Mercury/Neptune energy of the last few days, intensified today by the Pisces Moon and Neptune station. Your intuition and imagination is working well, so listen to your gut on this one. It might just be enough for you to clip the leash on your dog.