something about serious thinking…


So the Moon is in Pisces and today will be calm, relaxed and imaginative waters…yes?

Yes and well…not necessarily.

The big aspect of today is Mercury opposing Saturn.

Given that Saturn is associated with being serious and hard working, and Mercury with communication and thoughts and all that, we can put the words together and come up with

Serious thinking

Or maybe even

Realistic thinking

Or perhaps

Negative thoughts

Yep, Saturn is often concerned with the half empty side of life, and, in Scorpio, the things that we’re scared of. Scorpio is also about depth, intensity and focus, so we can add those adjectives as well to the phrases above.

With Saturn retrograde, you might find that you’ve been over this stuff before- possibly many times before. We tend to do that- dwell on negative thoughts, or fears or concerns much more than we do the bright, sunny stuff.

Given that the Moon is in Pisces, you might find that you’re drifting into this pattern, possibly without even noticing it.

On the up side, this is a great day for identifying the real flaws (as opposed to the perceived) in a project or idea. I’ll be using that for a little careful editing later this afternoon.

It’s also a great time to be hitting the books if you have some serious studying to do- that’s the hard work part of this aspect.

In any case, Mercury is on the fly, so this is fairly short lived.

If you find yourself being grey and gloomy when logically there is no reason for you to be grey and gloomy, make an effort to drag yourself out of it- however it is that you usually do that. I have a happy playlist on my ipod for this reason- a little bopping and a little exercise usually drags me back into the sunshine relatively quickly.

Enjoy your Sunday…