Something about saying goodbye…

The small bus with áîëüøè êîëëè÷åñòâîì bags on a roof

Thursday 7 July, 2016

Moon in Leo

Sun conjunct Mercury

Mercury opposite Pluto

Venus square Uranus

Sun opposition Pluto

It’s my last day in the partition job today- and I have mixed feelings. Although there are absolutely no regrets for the decision that I’ve made- even though this is the first time in my life that I’ve resigned from a job- I’m sure there’ll be tears shed when I say goodbye to my colleagues. Coupled with that, there’s an element of genuine fear over what comes next. For now, though, it’s goodbye.

Before the pass gets handed back and my belongings are packed into a box, there’s a busy day ahead. Speaking of which, I’ll share with you the personal contents of my partition space:

  • 1 x magic 8 ball which, to be honest, isn’t yet well trained
  • 1 x very ugly feng shui frog that’s apparently for money luck. My BMF and ex-boss insisted we place our joint lotto ticket under it- so far it hasn’t worked, but we remain optimistic.
  • 1 x snow globe featuring the Loch Ness monster. The idea was that I’d shake it each time I needed to see blue sparkles. It’s been shaken so much that Nessie has now fallen off her plinth and into the loch.
  • 1 x cartoon figure of Robin. My ex-boss has the Batman figure.
  • 1 x shattered serenity bubble

It’s perhaps fitting that what’s happening in the sky is what’s happening here on the ground as I say goodbye and over the next 24 hours or so.

Sun conjunct Mercury: It’s all about me- isn’t it? Enough about me…let’s talk about me a little more. In fact, let’s talk about what I have planned a little more? You want to know what I think? Let me tell you- I’m glad you asked.

Given that this is happening in Cancer, you’ll be able to feel your needs and express them from the heart. I’ll be trying really hard not to cry.

Mercury opposite Pluto, Sun opposition Pluto: Oppositions are often about a breaking apart, but an opposition between Mercury in Pluto is often about a battle of wills, or a power struggle, or someone trying to persuade you to change your mind, or someone trying to convince you into another way of thinking. Given that Mercury is in Cancer, don’t just look for overt examples of this- consider also passive aggressive communication and judicious use of guilt as a method of mass persuasion. I’m saying nothing more on this one.

Venus square Uranus: I often think of the Pink song “leave me alone- I’m lonely” when I see this transit. Essentially it’s about a need for stimulation, something different, a change of pace, perhaps a contact with someone new, a flirtation that you know will go nowhere, experimentation with something a tad unusual. You don’t need to change your life in order to make things more interesting. Play safely and nicely.

Until next time…