Something about Saturn, Mars, Mars in Capricorn and party planning…

So, I’ve spent the weekend in Wellington, New Zealand.

I deliberately turned off global roaming on my phone, so apologies for the radio silence.

I was there for a special friends special birthday. Now, this friend is a Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon and, apart from being one of my besties, is without a doubt the most effective Project Manager I have ever worked with. Evidence of those skills came out loud and clear in the running order for this weekend.

In true secretive Scorpio mode she managed to keep all arrangements, venues, details and costumes a complete surprise- something that drove my Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon husband absolutely batty, but appealed to my Piscean sense of wonder.

And wondrous it was.

The venue was in a remote part of the west coast of Wellington. The views were intense and the facilities amazing. It’s called Boomrock, in case you’re interested.

Anyways, the point of this is planning.

Mars has now moved into Capricorn- where he is exalted.

For those who don’t know, when a planet is exalted in a particular sign, it’s as though they are a very special guest- made to feel extra good.

Mars in Capricorn is highly effective, and motivated by respect, structure, experience and a measured ambition. Surprisingly I can’t find where I’ve written a blog before on this one, so will have to rectify that in the next couple of days. Mars in Capricorn is a little like having Mars conjunct Saturn- the effort is disciplined, measured and seriously effective.

Anyways, with Mars in Saturn ruled Capricorn and Saturn in Mars ruled Scorpio, the two malefics are said to be in mutual reception- able to help each other out.

Further, Saturn at 5 Scorpio is said to be in the “terms” and “face” of Mars- in other words, has a definite Martian feel about how he goes about setting up his structures.

Between the two of them, this period between now and Christmas is one where goals can be achieved- if you are prepared to focus your effort, and go at it head down and bum up. Mars in Sagittarius was a big dreamer- now those dreams can be cemented into practical foundations for success.

Yes, even if Mercury is still retrograde.

For now, do your “re” things and plan out your next move. The time for definite action will be when Mercury turns direct.

From my viewpoint, I’ve been motoring away at my nanowrimo manuscript. I’m now dead on target at 31000 words, but have definitely been flying by the seat of my pants, with no idea of how the story is developing- although, given that I’m experimenting by writing it backwards… In any case, I’m thinking that a little structure might now be warranted.

watching some weather looking out across to the South Island