Something about Saturn, Jupiter, Cancer & getting real…

Zodiac signs - Cancer

Wednesday February 12

Moon in Cancer

Aside from a square-off between the Moon and Mars, there’s not a lot happening astro wise today, so I think we’ll talk about me instead.

You know how yesterday I said I was in a bad mood? Well, I sort of still am, but I’ve worked out why.

It came to me yesterday as I was making chicken stock for the freezer. I do this every month or so. One chook (free range, of course) and a few vegies gives me about 6 containers of clear, fat skimmed stock for the freezer, plus (depending on the size of the chook) 6-7 portion control bags of shredded chicken to keep in the freezer for soups and salads at lunch. Just how perfectly Cancer Moon is that?

Pedantic, I know, but I prefer the taste of home made stock. I know what’s in it. I use it in soups, curries, for poaching…whatever. Today it will be used to cook a cauliflower and then blitzed for a low cal soup for lunches and snacks.

And there we have the reason for my bad mood. Now… we’re about to head into too much information territory…you have been warned.

I wasn’t going to talk about this, but there’s something of an astro theme happening that might ring a bell with others.

My mood has been crappy since seeing the doctor last week. In her words, I’ve won the hormonal lottery in terms of my body’s ability to store fat, with some inconvenient stuff that’s happening deep in my belly sending the whole thing on an upward spiral. She confirmed what I’d suspected, but as she said the words, “excess oestrogen production…bacteria…won the hormonal lottery” I muttered to myself, “Natal Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th.”*

You see, this happened last time transiting Jupiter was in Cancer. The symptoms were the same, but were reflected differently in my body. You don’t need to know the painfully messy details. That time, though, by the time Jupiter was in Leo and in my 6th house, I was in hospital and under the knife for major surgery.

As my doctor said the other day, the surgery eliminated some of the nastier symptoms, but did nothing to address the root of the problem- which has come back again.

So, I have two options- medication, or elimination of all grain, dairy, sugar, yeast, legumes…I think that’s all the food groups covered…for at least 3 months and then taken in moderation only afterwards. Naturally, alcohol has to be minimized as far as possible too, and there’s a gut cleansing thing involved too.

Essentially it’s the anti candida diet I tried at the beginning of last year, which worked wonders while I was on it. The issue apparently is that I wasn’t on it long enough, and there’s more in my belly that needs to be, as she put it, killed off.

I’d originally decided that I wasn’t going to follow the whole regimen until I get back from New Zealand, ie March 1, but then figured that as my tummy felt so bad, I’d do just the diet part of it for a couple of weeks before I go.

This general mankiness, the vague headaches etc are all part of it, and something that last time lasted a few days. And I’m craving bread already- the wholemeal, sourdough we buy.

Belly… cravings…female hormones…it’s probably appropriate that I’m talking about it under the Cancer Moon.

With Saturn active in my chart all year, I have a whole year worth of opportunities to get real about this stuff. As hard as it is to put these limitations in, Saturn (this year) is here to help.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.43.12 AM

The transiting aspects, with the exception to an inconjunct with Venus (which activates that Venus-Jupiter square that needs activating) and a conjunction with Neptune, are all trines and sextiles: to Uranus, to Pluto, to the Ascendant, to the Sun, to the Moon, to Chiron, to Jupiter.

As we know, even the “easy” Saturn aspects mean hard work, but I’m actually ok with that.

Besides, if you don’t listen to Saturn during the sextiles and trines, by the time you get to the squares, inconjuncts and oppositions, you bear the consequences. And, when it comes to my health, I’m not prepared to accept those anymore.

I love how astrology can help point to the inherent health issues in the chart…and also the way to turn those challenges into potential.

If I wanted to, I could sit around and blame my Venus- Jupiter square, my Moon- Jupiter trine, my Moon- Neptune trine, my Jupiter- Neptune trine, for why I’ll never look like Elle McPherson, why I have problems with boundaries- in life and on my plate, why I’ll always need to watch a tendency to escape into alcohol (or something else), why I’m inclined to self indulgence, why I say yes when it should be no, why I tend to take the easy option, and how it all combines to oh so easily deliver on the “promise” of my chart. Woe is me.

Or, I can use these same aspects, with a touch of Saturn self discipline, to deliver on the real promise of my chart.

At the moment, as the transiting Moon activates my natal trines and that Venus- Jupiter square, I’m uncomfortable. I want to give into what I’m craving- I want the easy way out.

But, under my theory of opposites, I think I’ll choose to be uncomfortable for a bit longer…

Besides, with Saturn activating that Grand trine of mine right now, it seems like the perfect time to be uncomfortable and real. As I said yesterday- rock or hard place…it might be tough, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

*Not everyone with Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th will have the same health problems as I do. This needs to be looked at in the entire context of your chart.