Something About Saturn in Scorpio

this one was taken on Queenstown Hill. Saturn is the dark cloud descending…hey, I’m on my Friday night vino!

As I said earlier, I have been getting a lot of enquiries lately about Saturn in Scorpio. It’s great people are interested, but it doesn’t happen until October. We’re not even out of the shadow of the last retrograde and have another 7 or so degrees of Libra to cover. But, given that I have a store of photos of plains, mountains and cold, dry, snowy stuff that I like to use in Saturn posts and to temper the excitement a tad (Saturn is, after all, about delayed gratification), here is the technical guff.

  • Saturn moves into Scorpio on 6 October, 2012
  • Saturn stations retrograde on 18 February, 2012 at 11 Scorpio 31’
  • Saturn stations direct on 7 July, 2013 at 4 Scorpio 49’
  • Saturn stations retrograde on 2 March, 2014 at 23 Scorpio 19’
  • Saturn stations direct on 19 July, 2014 at 16 Scorpio 39’
  • Saturn moves into Sagittarius on 24 December, 2014


Libra 22- Scorpio 9


Scorpio 4 – 20 Scorpio


Scorpio 16- 0 Sagittarius

Check out the Saturn tab at the top of this page for ideas as to where this might impact you.

Laurence Hillman in his book Planets in Play has this to say about Saturn in Scorpio:

“This old man wears a dark grey cardigan with black leather patches on the elbows and well worn pants. He is holding a pipe and stares at you with ice blue eyes. In fact, it feels as though he can see right into, or even through, you. He won’t smile, but if you ask for advice, he will give you more than you bargained for.”

What did he say about Saturn in Libra?

“This old man wears an impeccable suit. His silver hair is slicked back, not a strand out of place. His tie is perfectly matched to the suit, shirt and socks, but mostly it is exquisitely beautiful. He is so friendly it almost seems saccharine. Once you start talking with him, you will have a hard time getting away.”

I think that says it all.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jo, enjoyed reading it.

    Also, must get Laurence Hillman’s “Planets in Play.”

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