Something about running away to join the circus…

Clown 1

Thursday 27 February

Moon in Aquarius

This weeks themes around personal freedom, independence and restlessness continue today, as Jupiter and Uranus remain squared.

Today, however, the mood is vastly different…the Moon is in Aquarius…and that means that you just might be able to see- through the grey- a different view.

Indeed, as the Moon links up with Uranus, there might even be glimpses of an opportunity for small breakthroughs in attitude and circumstance. Remember, though, where sextiles are concerned, the stimulation is there, but you do need to recognize it for what it is.

The Moon in Aquarius, is likely to heighten the Uranian influence, though.

As I mentioned the other day, Jupiter square Uranus can have you taking self-destructive actions just so that something can happen. It can be a little like rebellion for the sake of it, for the appearance of individuality.

The thing is, this sort of change- real change, lasting change, creative change- is best made more, dare I say it, sensibly…a little at a time.

Sure, there is someone or something that you need to break free from. It could be a habit, it could be a role, it could be perceived or real, it could be just something that you feel is keeping you in line and from fully expressing yourself. However, change for the sake of change is not the most effective or appropriate option right now. That’s different from saying that change isn’t necessary- in order to expand and fulfil your dreams it absolutely is. Just be sure that you’re not blocking the changes that need to be made in exchange for reacting to those that are happening.

Remember that if the impulse strikes you to throw it all away and run away and join the circus…