something about romance, rose coloured glasses and realism…


Where is it written that one should live in the real world? Since when is reality more fun than daydreaming? Who says that romance is dead? Why do people want to encourage you to throw away your fantasies?

Venus square Neptune presents questions like these. Sure you may be just a tad idealistic and unrealistic in your romantic dealings. Sure you may put the object of your affection up on a pedestal that no mortal can possibly stand on for long. But you know what? Everyone has the right to live like a Piscean for 24 hours or so, or more specifically like someone with Venus in Pisces, or someone with a 12th house Venus…or both.

This transit brings out the unattainable, the short term and the impossible- rose coloured glasses, little cafes where someone is playing La Vie en Rose and smooching along the Left Bank of the Seine (or whatever side it is that you are supposed to smooch along). A weekend in a luxury hotel or an island resort with someone you have fantasised about for too long that you know you can never have and should never have.

Very often the boundaries that break down now weren’t real to start with- so it is with relationships that are formed now. Enjoy them, but be aware that love affairs now will be romanticized.

At the very least this aspect stimulates the imagination, sends of sparks of creativity, inspiration and artistic temperament.

And, it’s happening in the sky…now.