Something about revolution…and irrelevance…


Tuesday 17 September

Moon in Aquarius

I’m very slow to get started this morning.

Despite being physically tired, and mentally worn out, I lay awake till almost 2am this morning- not a great move when you have a 5am alarm for swimming training. Suffice to say, my husband took her today.

I’ve never been a great sleeper, but it got worse once Uranus crossed my 12th house Mercury a number of years ago. In fact, when Uranus was playing heavily in Pisces in my first house, it was common for me to go into work on less sleep than a new mother. I used to call them all nighters. It was as if Uranus was stirring up my sub conscious and all the monkey chatter with it. Things improved when I finished at the partition job (coincidentally- or not- as Uranus was conjunct my natal Saturn for the last time), but just lately the sleeplessness is creeping in again.

Interestingly, Pisces rules that little gland in the middle of the brain that deals with recognising light and dark and when it’s time to wind down for sleep- and all of that stuff.

With the Moon in Aquarius and Mercury opposing Uranus, my brain has been particularly active.

Thanks to the responses I’ve received so far to my survey call out, I spent yesterday putting together a pretty fine looking book proposal- complete with statistics, pretty graphs, and some marketing ideas.

Over the next couple of days I’ll polish a few chapters until they positively sparkle. My self imposed deadline is to have the proposal and the sample chapters in the mail when Venus and Saturn are on the transiting North Node- and will therefore be conjunct my nodal axis. With Jupiter, who rules my career zone, in my 5th house and the Progressed Moon conjunct the Midheaven, I’m getting a feeling of now or never.

Anyways, if you haven’t had a chance to complete the survey yet, please do so (the link is on the side panel)- the results will help me add case studies and hone chapters as I go through the revision process.

In the skies, the Moon is already void, and will spend the rest of her stay in Aquarius as a free spirit.

We’re talking a bit about Aquarius tonight in astro class- as we are the signs from Libra through to Pisces.

When the Moon is void in a sign, the planetary weather forecast becomes one of extremes- you either get the pure essence of that sign in all of its glory…or you get the shadow.

In the case of Aquarius, at one end we have free, individual, thought- the archetype of the genius, or the future thinker, I guess. At the other we have someone who is stubbornly rebelling for the sake of rebelling. You know the type, doing something, or holding firm to something they believe is quirky or eccentric, not because it means anything in the scheme of things, not because it will change the world in any way, but simply because.

Eventually you’re excluded from the tribe- not because you’re are progressive or visionary, but because your stubbornness is irrelevant…and there’s not a lot worse than irrelevance when it comes to Aquarius.

With Mercury sextile Mars today, think about the relevance of your mini rebellions. There may be an opportunity to drag your soapbox out from wherever its been gathering dust. Before you do so, ask yourself whether the opinions you’re stubbornly holding on to are still appropriate, still future thinking, still of benefit to more than you. Ask your self whether this is still something that you truly believe in.