Something about remember when-ing…

young woman, girl with a scorpio tatoo on her arm

21 June, 2013

Moon in Scorpio

I have a dear Scorpio friend in town this weekend from Wellington, NZ.

We’ll be eating a lot, drinking a lot, catching up and no doubt exchanging remember whens.

Which brings me neatly to Mercury and Venus conjunct in Cancer.

This is a relatively short lived transit, but is usually a pleasant one- so my friend and I will be jamming a lot into our few short days together…aided and abetted by supportive links from the Moon.

The other big news of today? The Sun moves into Cancer.

This means that today is winter solstice here in the Southern hemisphere and summer solstice for you guys in the North.

Anyways,  I have a plane to meet and some serious catching up to get underway.