Something about relaxing into being…and other messages from the Universe…


Sunday 20 October

Moon in Taurus

Mars opposite Neptune

Mercury retrograde

The energy today is much more grounded, a little slower, a little less frenetic. While it’s not a good day to get things started, it is a good one to get them finished…or at least a good whack of head down bum up activity.

But, given that it’s Sunday, if you don’t need to be working, it’s essentially the perfect day to loll about doing not a lot more than “being.” And when I say “being,” I mean relaxing meaningfully, relaxing with a purpose, relaxing into routine.

That’s the beautiful thing about Taurean energy, that level of self-resourcing, that capacity to find beauty in nature, in effort, in no effort.

Doing not a lot will be made easier today by Mars opposition to Neptune- this is one of those transits that, while it might only last a couple of days, can be quite debilitating from an energy level. Given that Neptune dissolves all that she touches, and Mars represents, among other things, energy levels, the literal translation of this one is watching your get up and go, get up and go.

Mars opposition Neptune is also one of those times where you might find yourself blaming others for the consequences of your actions, for the predicament that you’re in, for your life being as it is. You might find yourself coveting that which others have and wondering why you don’t have the same.

This sort of attitude is self poisoning- and that’s another thing that Neptune rules- poisons.  Neptune might look all glamorous and illusory, but her effect can be insidiously delusional.

In any case, at the very least Mars opposition Neptune might make you feel less than on top of your game. Given that this transit is only a few days, it’s far easier to go with it- if at all possible. It’s a little like the Universe giving you the message to slow down. Rather than resenting your routine, why not try and go into it, put a sort of ritual around it?

Speaking of messages from the Universe, Mercury is poised to turn retrograde.

I’ve said it before, Mercury retrogrades, if you go with them rather than fight against them, are an opportunity not just to place a deliberate pause in your normally busy life, but to actively apply some reviewing techniques- “re” words.

If you’re one of those who regularly comes unstuck during Mercury retrograde periods, make sure you check out my Mercury Survival Guide.