something about red rags, bulls and attitude adjustments


Mars in Aries is, shall we say, ever so slightly impatient.

After spending the last month or so treading water, he’s keen to get moving.

Sure he’s now in Aries where forward motion and physical energy are de rigeur, yet with Mercury still retrograde in Pisces, and Venus enjoying her rose coloured glasses, bubbles and long baths just a tad too much there’s still not a lot of momentum out there.

To make matters worse, Mercury is now stationing, so is at the most problematic part of the retrograde cycle. Couple this with the frustration of Mars and you have the potential for some seriously mixed messages.

The next two days we have the Taurus Moon in play. This can be good and bad. Good in that Taurus usually thinks before she speaks, but bad in that quite often the message gets stuck in the throat- or swallowed…usually with something carbohydrate or sweet in nature.

With the irritations that are currently around, the potential for comfort eating will be high over the next couple of days. Try and find another way to deal with the tension and force yourself to slow down. Long walks, time spent in the garden or on routine tasks will help.

The Universe has given us a Taurus Moon to step back and take things a little easier for these last couple of days of the Mercury retrograde, so try not to force issues that simply can do without being forced.

Instead take the time to savour, well, whatever. Life, the beauty of nature, art, music, the everyday. And if you are going to indulge, enjoy every single last morsel.

What if you have Aries planets (especially the Ascendant, Sun, Moon or Mars) that are seriously over all of this?

Anger expressed under the Taurus Moon tends to be last straw stuff- you know, those things that have been bubbling away until bam! Molehill becomes mountain. Like a red rag to a bull….so to speak. Best not to go there. Get rid of the excess energy in the gym or with a long walk- and leave the attitude on the treadmill (or wherever)…it’s all nearly over.