Something about random thoughts and spreadsheet hell…


Earlier this morning I was in spreadsheet hell in the partition job. And by spreadsheet hell, I’m not exaggerating. They were everywhere. And they were doing my head in. Seriously.

So I did what I usually do when I can feel my head being done in, and when I can feel the danger that my head being done in can potentially have on those around me (namely my poor unsuspecting colleagues)- I switched on the playlist that takes me away from the partition and somewhere else. Ubud or Byron. There’s water and peace and buddhas involved. It shuffled around a bit as playlists do before landing on a song- Open Up Your Heart– by G Wayne Thomas. It’s an oldie, but he’s the dude that did Morning of the Earth for the soundtrack of the same name. Love it.

Anyways, the lyrics hit me:

There’s no formula for happiness, that’s guaranteed to work

It all depends on how you treat your friends, and how much you’ve been hurt.

But it’s a start- if you open up your heart.

Then something miraculous happened.

Ok, it wasn’t just like that- I used those words for dramatic license- but I began to see past my own stress, my own anxiety, and the spreadsheet that was doing my head in. And I had some ideas, and questions. Of the completely random variety.

Someone said something that made me think- cool idea for a character problem. Ssssh, you heard it here first.

The meme on the OMG Facts of the Day calendar that the Team Leaders gave me for Christmas prompted a few questions. Apparently an average lead pencil can draw a line 35 miles long. Really? Who’s verified that? How many times did the person who verified it have to stop and sharpen it? It’s like yesterdays one about the President (I’m assuming a US one) who could write Greek with his left hand and latin with his right (or vice versa) at the same time. Really? Again, I want to know who verified it. And tomorrows about the number of sesame seeds on a Big Mac (I sneaked a peek). Yes, I am posting them daily on instagram.

Then, when I tried to get deforestation bookings for myself and the dog (separately, of course) I wondered about why no one has thought to cut out the middle-man and have a day spa that has a pooch clipping section. Miss T made a comment about how it could be a concern if they mixed up who was getting waxed and who was getting clipped.

Man, I love Mercury in Aquarius…just saying. Hashtag.