something about putting things away…


After the extravaganza that was Leo Moon at New Year, as the hangover settles and 2012 becomes so yesterday, the Moon has moved into Virgo.

Given that Mercury, the Sun and Pluto are already in full no nonsense mode, the next couple of days will have a real sense of earthy practicality. If your resolution was to make changes to your diet, today’s a good day to start. If your resolution was to do some much needed de-cluttering or re-organising, today’s a good day to start. If your resolution was to finally get all those pesky receipts into a claim for for Health Care rebate, today’s a good day to get it done…yep, that last one’s me.

I’m also thinking that today  (or tomorrow) might just be the day that my Christmas presents go away where they belong.

After a momentary blip of post NY fog, courtesy of Neptune, the rest of the day is about La Luna’s supportive links to Mercury and the Sun and Pluto- all in keeping it real Capricorn.

With this much Capricorn in the air, Saturn is feeling pretty chuffed right now. Sure he’s over there in Scorpio, but secure in the knowledge that he’s the ruler of pretty much all that’s happening at the moment.

A square to Jupiter later in the day might have you reaching sneakily for the leftover Christmas chockies (or a sneaky slice of the Christmas ham) but a sextile to Saturn will bring you back on track…if you want to be brought back on track, that is.

The day isn’t all about practicality though- a little whimsy and dream the impossible dream is added courtesy of a sextile between Neptune and Mercury.

Write it down, look at it a little, brain storm it a little…maybe it could just turn into an achievable plan…

If you’re interested in how the Moon can influence the way you eat…or perhaps want a recipe or two, drop over occasionally to are your planets keeping you fat?