Something about procrastineating and fundamental changes…

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Tuesday July 2

Moon in Taurus

As I write, the Moon is poised to enter Taurus, the sign she is exalted in.

I prattle on every month about the things that are great under the Taurus Moon, and the things that are a little more challenging.

The one thing I say every month at this time is:

put down the chocolate and step away from the fridge.

Today, and tomorrow, with the number of planets in Cancer at present- in particular Jupiter, who is still in the throes of newness- this impulse will be stronger than at most other Taurus Moons.

Some of you don’t get this- that’s fine…it’s the lunar types that will be more tempted.

One thing the Taurus Moon is good for is holding strong and firm to the goal. So, if your goal is to avoid the chocolate and step away from the fridge, weirdly, this is actually a good day to do just that!

The lingering effects of yesterdays Venus/Saturn square will help.

If you do feel the need to indulge, do it in a Taurus way. Buy (or make- after all, the Sun is in Cancer) the very best quality whatever it is you crave that you can. It might be a very small slice of a very good cake, or a square of very expensive chocolate. Whatever it is, make it great.

Then enjoy it. Savour it. With every bite, with every one of your senses, with absolutely no guilt to pollute the experience.

If, like me, you’re on deadlines and tend to procrastineat and measure word count with kilos gained, clean the fridge out of anything remotely distracting or tempting.

I’m also turning the internet off- at least for a few hours- as soon as I get these posts up.  That’s another thing the Taurus Moon is good for getting on with things, keeping to routine, head down bum up…so to speak.

The star aspect of today is Sun opposite Pluto.

Again, this is a short lived transit, but one that can bring some intensity and conflict with it- especially if you have planets at 10 degrees of the cardinal signs.

The textbooks will tell you that this is a time where you might attract these things, so, if you do have planets at these points, take due care.

It’s not all bad and frightening. Sun/Pluto oppositions also can be times when a lot is achieved. And when I say “a lot”, I mean “a lot.”

When I say achieved, I mean of a future nature. We’re talking about sweeping change, and fundamental nature, and…well, you get the idea.

Best be off- words to wrangle, deadlines to meet!

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  1. No Sweat Jo – I have Pluto opposing my sun natally – so I have a daily battle with that tug -o’- war. I just wear a safetry harness on the tight rope!

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