something about Pluto direct and cosmic fibre

Every so often our personal power feels a little (ahem) constipated. Stuck. In need of a little, shall we say, cosmic fibre to get it all moving again.

Perhaps you have been feeling like that lately? Like the projects, the real transformative projects, have lost their momentum. Perhaps you’re feeling a little out of control, like your hands are no longer on the steering wheel. I hit that point yesterday- as you may have gathered from my over-sharing post.

It ended up being a bit of an over-sharing day, with some straight truth talking from my BMF, and then many tears shed during a 90 minute phone call with my BFF on the other side of the country. It was frustration speaking, coloured with a little obsession, more than a little mis-directed self loathing, and a feeling of loss of power.

It was a mini emotional detox that should free my energy for the next phase of my project.

It was Pluto stationing direct sextile my Mercury. It all came spewing out. Luckily my friend was also in the same boat. Her Pisces Moon is conjunct my Mercury, so she was also feeling the Pluto pull. Her Gemini Sun was receiving the inconjunct from Pluto and her Cancer Venus the opposition. She has a few planets between 5-7 degrees…

Both of us were complaining about feeling like we were stuck in some sort of slow moving, toxic sludge. Hey, we have Pisces Moons- our emotional imagination is dramatic indeed. Like we’d started something Big and somehow had lost direction, momentum and control.

What we were describing is Pluto stationing direct. Pluto is about power, ambition, transformation, truth and elimination, so it’s natural that after 6 months of that energy being turned inward, something needs to give.

The stationing point is always a powerful one- especially if it triggers something else in your chart. If your transformational projects have been feeling stuck, they will very soon start to move. Between the energy of Mars moving through Scorpio and Pluto moving forward, now is the time to eliminate any of the crud that is holding you back from being who you need to be.

And crud, is very often what it is. This is real truth or dare time.

I’m relatively fortunate, in my case the aspect being made is a sextile. It’s an opportunity to grasp the power of my Mercury in all its dubious glory, and move forward. When Pluto is involved, it’s usually more of an offer that you can’t refuse. Having said that, acceptance of Pluto sextile and trine opportunities make the harder aspects somehow easier to deal with when they come. Somewhat. Part of the work has been done.

In any case, have a think about what this is activating for you. Is there any part of your life that is in need of a little cosmic help to get things moving again?